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Energy By-Products


By-products are organic matrices of both vegetal and animal origin, deriving from primary production processes of something else, for instance the peel that is generated from the production of tomato sauce (main purpose) is a by-product.

It is considered a by-product, not a waste, any substance or object that satisfies all the following conditions:

a) the substance or object is originated from a production process, of which it is an integral part and whose main purpose is not the production of such substance;
b) it is certain that the substance or object will be used during the same production or utilisation process or any subsequent one by the producer or third parties;
c) the substance or object can be used directly without any further processing other than normal industrial practice;
d) further use is legal, that is the substance or object satisfies, for the specific use, all relevant requirements regarding the products and the protection of health and the environment and will not lead to overall adverse environmental or human health impacts.

The regulation requires, in any case, to verify the integrated environmental authorization (A.I.A.) statement of the producer, who is obligated to declare the nature of the products obtained by processing them into products or by-products depending on the commercial principles reported.

Therefore, Biological Care acts as an intermediary between the producer of the by-product and the final customer, verifying the authorisations of the supplier, thus facilitating the supply on the market to its own customers and organising the transport logistics.

In other words, it may be possible to identify the same matrix/biomass defined in a case product or in another by-product.

Therefore, it shall prevail whatever is authorised by the A.I.A. statement of the supplier.

The technical documentation related to by-products may vary depending on the production plants. Therefore, the data provided below are merely indicative and will be eventually amended at the time of the purchase order.

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