- Model 6500 MPS - Biogas - Syngas Analyzer



The expansion ETG 6500 MPS allows you to analyser up to 6 measurement points, while maintaining the same high performance of our analyser ETG 6500, at a very affordable cost. Its use is particularly directed to the plants and for those who need to monitor multiple points of measurement of biogas, while maintaining a single analyzer. The ETG MPS is also available as an option at a later time because the management ETG (MPS case of a tape as the analyzer ETG 6500) takes place through the analyzer itself, which allows for incredible versatility and modularity use.

The system can be equipped with sample treatment on the specifications of each customer, for example:

  • Peltièr Chiller and Peristaltic pump for condensate removal
  • In-line filter for each sampling point
  • Sample pump/min
  • Solenoid valve for the automatic selection of the sampling point

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