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- Model AGM (PP-60-30-55-AGM), LFP (PP-60-30-50-LFP) - Hybrid Power Generator


PowerPlus is our second-generation, ISO containerised hybrid power solution incorporating high-capacity battery storage, a diesel generator, a bunded fuel tank, and an advanced programmable controller at its heart. By integrating a Firefly PowerPlus® into your application, you will benefit from a significant reduction in fuel spend and noise, as well as CO2, NOx, SO2 and PM emissions. Integrated batteries allow for minimal use of the traditional generator, significantly extending plant life and reducing maintenance requirements – all while sustaining a reliable, 24-hour power supply.

  • Robust, IP55 ISO container format

  • Premium-quality components

  • Industry-leading noise reduction

  • IP65 water-resistant control panel

  • Reinforced forklift pockets

  • Secure, anti-theft container

  • Overcurrent & RCD protection
  • Emergency stop

  • Lockable service doors

  • Lockable control panel door

  • 7″ touchscreen display

  • Integrated 3G/4G cellular router

  • Built-in GPS for tracking

  • 6 x 32A programmable sockets

  • Access to GLOW RFM cloud platform

Off-grid hybrid power with full remote control

With built-in 3G & 4G communications and the power of GLOW RFM® cloud platform, PowerPlus can be easily set-up, monitored and optimised remotely via the internet. Experienced users and fleet managers can also benefit from advanced GLOW RFM® functionality such as custom run schedules, user-programmable logic control or individual outlet configuration.

Quiet battery operation & reduced maintenance

Integrated batteries allow PowerPlus to minimise the run time of the generator, which in turn reduces risk of mechanical failures and maintenance requirements. Users can additionally schedule quiet, battery-only hours, to ensure completely silent power delivery. Diesel generator can be set to supplement batteries during peak demand, or run only when required to charge the batteries.

Advanced and customisable controller

With over 20 years of experience in off-grid & DC power solutions, CCL Energy Group and Firefly design teams have developed an advanced, proprietary hybrid controller and battery management system. Its extensive hardware support, smart load management and user-friendly interface mean PowerPlus can be adapted to virtually any grid-tied or off-grid scenario. If required, it can be connected to a solar array or a wind turbine for a microgrid running off 100% renewable energy.
Portable ISO container format

The 10ft ISO container format with forklift pockets makes PowerPlus a truly portable hybrid power solution with modest footprint. Still, the unit offers industry-leading noise reduction with integrated two-stage silencer, IP55 water protection (IP65 for the control panel) and secure, lockable service doors on the front preventing theft. On top of that, each PowerPlus unit is fitted with a GPS antenna for easy remote tracking.

Remote/unattended sites

With its low maintenance requirements, PowerPlus can be effectively deployed in remote or hard to reach locations that have little or no access to the national electricity grid, or pose difficulties with fuel supply.

Telecoms infrastructure

PowerPlus can reliably power vital telecommunications infrastructure. It offers instant OPEX savings from fuel consumption and reduces servicing requirements versus traditional diesel generators.

Construction sites/maintenance projects

PowerPlus can provide silent overnight power for site cabins, lighting, and maintenance equipment during highway and railway maintenance, large-scale civil engineering projects, or at regular construction sites.

Emergency response scenarios

Thanks to its robust specification, PowerPlus can work as an emergency power supply during natural disasters or blackouts, and help governments, businesses & local communities bring the lights back on.

  • Models available  AGM (PP-60-30-55-AGM), LFP (PP-60-30-50-LFP)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H, mm)  2440 x 3000 x 2600 (10ft ISO container)
  • Unit weight (kg)  5,700 (AGM) or 4,500 (LFP)
  • AC output voltage  50Hz, 400V L-L, 230V L-N, fully adjustable
  • Battery capacity at 25°C (kWh)  55 (AGM) or 50 (LFP)
  • Genset engine  Perkins 1104D-44TG2
  • Prime power (kVA)  60
  • Water protection rating  IP55 (IP65 for control panel)

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