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- Fractional Distillation Plant


Fractional distillation columns are units produced by Formeco of Noventa Padovana for fractional distillation, which allow the separation of solvents which differ in their boiling point and the almost total separation of solvents from liquid pollutants. The fractional distillation process makes it possible to obtain a sufficiently pure liquid for its integral reuse in its original processes.

The plant consists of a boiler heated indirectly by different energy sources, including diathermic oil and steam. A fractionating column fitted with anti-splash devices and high-efficiency packing material is installed in the upper part of the boiler in order to favour washing in the steam-liquid counterflow.

A head condenser makes it possible to regulate the forced reflux in the column in order to favour the separation of the various components of the mixture being treated.

The units are usually fitted with a heat exchanger which also acts as a pre-heater of  the  liquid cooled feed liquid.

If  required,  the units are equipped with  liquid loop vacuum group fed in a closed circuit by the solvent being treated, contained in a special cooled feed tank fitted with an exhausted gas condenser to provide maximum yield.

The complex operates in a continuous round-the-clock cycle and is equipped with an automatic loading system for the product to be treated, automatic discharge of the distillate and process fluid.

A simply programmable microprocessor electronic board with three sequentially functioning buttons provides process control; the board features a display of operational phases and process temperature

The fact that the plant is positioned on metal skid makes it easy for customer companies to install, with significant savings in start-up times.

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