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In 2010 Fluid Dynamics developed the Fueltron combustion enhancer following several requests from our clients to develop a system that can increase the combustion efficiency of fuel and reduce associated combustion gasses. Following development of the Fueltron it was trialled at a number of companies around the world to prove its effectiveness. Companies report significant financial savings on fuel costs from 2% to as much as over 7% as well as reducing emissions such as NoX and carbon monoxide by up to 35%. Fueltron is installed on the fuel feed line to boiler and has the effect of improving fuel combustion giving rise to increased flame temperature more complete combustion and reduction in emissions.

It has been well know for a number of years that by applying an electrical field to fluids so their viscosity changes equally it has been well known since discovery by Michael Faraday that the passage of particles through a magnetic gap can generate electricity

Fluid Dynamics HDL division has been manufacturing and installing Magnetic treatment systems for more than 30 years for water treatment, zinc phosphate treatment and other applications.

Utilising the principle of rheology Fluid Dynamics has discovered that the Winslow effect can also be applied to liquid fuels- Gas is naturally non conductive ... however it can be made conductive by applying an electrical field.

The effect of the applied field developed by the Fueltron is to cause larger particle groups in both gas and liquid fuels to agglomerate but at the same time smaller particles do not cluster so much .. this changes the viscosity of the gas but most importantly the non-agglomeration of the smaller particles combined with the creation of larger particles which then burst upon entering the combustion chamber means that a bigger surface area of particles is available to the oxygen in the combustion chamber .. this gives rise to more efficient combustion reducing the amount of the gas wasted and increasing operating temperature ( obviously.. as a result of more complete combustion) and therefore giving more heat in any given combustion system.

The effect of more complete combustion is a reduction of highly toxic NoX fumes and a reduction of Carbon Monoxide.


As fuel passes through Fueltron and is subject to an electrical charge the larger molecules cluster and small ones spread out.

The result, when fuel is injected into the combustion chamber the treated particles break into a large mist giving more surface area to bond with oxygen and creating a more complete combustion.


The Fueltron has to be installed in the actual fuel delivery line, replacing a section of the existing pipe. Fueltron requires no power source has no specialist requirements for installation. It comes supplied with flanges as shown in the various pictures to connect it as part of the feed line to the combustion chamber.

As fuel passes through Fueltron it is subject to powerful alternating magnetic As fuel passes through Fueltron it is subject to powerful alternating magnetic fields that cause realignment of the fuel’s molecul ar structure.

The Fueltron should be installed within one to three meters of the burner.

Sizing depends on line pressure. It will sometimes be necessary to install a Fueltron with a larger diameter than the actual fuel delivery line as there will not be enough pressure from the fuel pump to overco me the obstruction of the internal components of the Fueltron.

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