- Model G97 - Wind Turbine


Multi-megawatt turbines from the Gamesa 2.0 MW platform improve competitive investment ratios per MW installed and Cost of Energy produced due to their versatile combination of a 2.0 MW unit power wind turbine and 5 different sized rotors: 80, 87, 90, 97 and 114 m diameters, to achieve maximun output in all types of settings and wind conditions. The Gamesa 2.0 MW bases its operational improvements on its speed control and variable pitch technology enhancements, and other hardware and software design upgrades to extract the maximun amount of energy from the wind and to do it as efficiently as possible. Composite materials reinforced with glass and carbon fiber for lighter blades without sacrificing rigidity and strength, The Gamesa WindNet remote control system, Gamesa SMP predictive maintenance, Gamesa NRS noise control, Solutions for optimum grid connection.

Advantages of the Gamesa 2.0 MW platform

  • Platform Versatility: site-specific offerings optimizing energy capture & maximizing production
  • New, latest generation 97- and 114-meter rotors for light and medium winds which together with the 80-, 87- and 90-meter rotors makes this the most versatile platform on the market
  • Variable pitch and speed technology maximize energy production. Independent pitch control for the Gamesa G114-2.0 MW.
  • State-of-the-art blade manufacturing technology. New optimized blade profiles guarantee maximum production and low noise
  • Technological solutions guarantee compliance with main international grid connection requirements
  • Gamesa active yaw system ensures optimum adaptation to complex terrain
  • Aerodynamic design and the Gamesa NRS control system minimize noise emissions
  • Gamesa WindNet: remote control and monitoring system with web access
  • Gamesa SMP: own system for predictive maintenance

Technical Specifications and services

Drive train
Drive train with the main axis supported on two spherical bearings that provide significant advantages since lateral loads are transmitted directly to the framework through a rack. This prevents the gear box from receiving additional, unwanted loads, thus reducing the possibilities of breakdown as well as providing a longer service life.

Minimum Noise Emission, Maximum Production
Aerodynamic design of the blade tip and mechanical component designs that minimize noise emissions. In addition, Gamesa has developed the Gamesa NRS, noise control system, which makes it possible to program noise emissions according to such criteria as the date, time or wind direction. This achieves compliance with local regulations and enables maximum production.

Controlled Brake System
The joint action of the primary aerodynamic brakes and mechanical emergency brake (located at the output of the high-speed axis of the gear box) with a hydraulic control system, allows controlled braking that prevents damage due to excessive transmission load.

Gamesa WindNet*, Real-time Remote Operation and Monitoring
The Gamesa turbines come standard with a new generation SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) wind farm system, entirely developed by Gamesa, which allows remote operation and the monitoring of wind turbines in real time. An innovative, modular design is based on standard TCP/IP architecture. Control features include active and reactive power, voltage and frequency regulation tools, as well as environmental options to optimize production while complying with the current regulations. Accessible anywhere through a Web browser, WindNet is simple to use and intuitive. It features the Report Generator and Information Manager decision-taking analytical tools as well as TrendViewer, an advanced tool to visualize trends.

Designed for Simple Maintenance
Gamesa's turbines have been continually developed from the experience of having 10,000+ turbines in the field, to provide high reliability and ease of maintenance. With many G5X turbines already installed in the UK, Gamesa have a stock of G5X spare parts in their depot in Glasgow. Any replacement equipment supplied by Gamesa comes standard with a two-year warranty on components, availability and power curves when combined with a maintenance service from VG Energy. But VG Energy and Gamesa's commitment to its customers does not end there. Gamesa has developed an Integral Management Service comprising of a long-term operation and maintenance contract (up to 15 years), providing wider coverage and guaranteeing maximum availability, ensuring long-term costs to operate the turbine(s) are known which assists in gaining funding for the project.

Optimum Electrical Grid Connection and Stable Production
Gamesa's dual power wind turbines and Active Crowbar technologies with oversized converters guarantee compliance with the most demanding requirements for connection to current grids and future electric grid and wind farm configurations. The turbines include support for voltage-drop and dynamic active and reactive power regulation.

Control System: Maximum Output under Any Wind Condition
The dual powered generator enables speed and power control by utilising IGBT converters and electronic PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control.


  • Increased efficiency and energy production.
  • Improved operation life of the machine.
  • Active and reactive power control.
  • Low harmonic content and minimum losses.

On-Line Condition Monitoring System for Predictive Maintenance (SMP)
Incorporated in your turbine is a predictive maintenance system that can detect the premature deterioration or faults in the main wind-turbine components, this allows for repair before major damage occurs.


  • Improved reliability, availability and useful life of the machine.
  • Can fix potential issues during regular service visits which results in less downtime.
  • Integration with the control system which allows the turbine to shutdown to prevent
  • damage.
  • Reduced insurance premiums.

Environmental Options
High Corrosion Protection: Gamesa turbines are designed to last at least 20 years without the need for major work due to corrosion in normal to harsh environments, but for extremely high corrosion environments Gamesa offers turbines with extra protection against the elements.

Extreme low temperature: Standard Gamesa turbines are designed and built to operate at temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius. The extreme low temperature version of these turbines would be required for operation in temperatures lower than this. In general this is not required in the UK, as these temperatures are generally only seen when there is no wind, and the turbines wouldn’t be operating at that time.

Diameter 97 m
Swept area 7,390 m²
Rotational speed 9.6 - 17.8 rpm
Number of blades 3
Length 47.5 m
Airfoils Gamesa
Material Pre-impregnated epoxy glass fiber + carbon fiber
Type Modular
Height 78, 90 m (120 m tower height under development)
Type 1 planetary stage  2 parallel stages 
Ratio 1:106,8 (50Hz)  1:127,1 (60Hz) 
Type Doubly-fed machine
Rated power 2.0 MW
Voltage 690 V AC
Frequency 50 Hz / 60Hz
Potection class IP 54
Power factor 0.95 CAP - 0.95 IND throughout the power range

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