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Gasification System



The technology of gasification, developed beginning from the years 80, the objective is set to maximize the energetic recovery of the combustible material and to the meantime to reach next values of emissions to the zero.  The trial converts the energy of the waste (calorific power) in chemical energy (gas of synthesis): the organic fraction / inorganic some waste is turned into a gas of synthesis that can be used both as first subject for chemical processes, both for the production of electric energy.

The process is deeply different in comparison to the conventional processes of thermal treatment of the wastes. In the process of traditional incineration, the waste is burnt and the thermal energy produced by the exhausted gas is directly used in a boiler of a vapour plant. As you discard solid of combustion, it is had to keep in mind of the ashes and the dusts of filtering. Because of the process of combustion, the formation de-novo of Nox and of furan in the exhausted gas cannot be avoided. This implicates the necessity of expensive, delicate and efficient systems of cleaning with the purpose to reach values of issue within the limits established by the law.The deep difference between the conventional processes and the gasification involves a series of advantages for the process of gasification. Following us point out the principal advantages of the process:

  • The process can treat, over that RDF, urban solid wastes, industrial wastes and dangerous wastes;
  • It takes place a total ri-generation of the subject. The final products can be used within other industrial processes;
  • During the process of gasification, a gas of synthesis is produced that can be used both as combustible gas in thermal processes (boilers, motor endothermic, gas whirlwind…), that as first subject in chemical processes, to produce Ethanol and Gas-oil;
  • The use of gas motors of proven and strong invoice guarantees an electric efficiency up to 40%;
  • The hydrogen, one of the component principals of the gas of synthesis, can be drawn out and burnt in the motor of a truck, for example in the trucks that transport wastes. The trucks to hydrogen don't produce emission;
  • The emissions produced by a plant are of very inferior to the established limits to national level;
  • The process represents the most modern and advanced system of thermal treatment of the wastes.
  • The modular construction and serial of the components it assures besides is a high quality and a timeliness in the realization both operational costs and of capital meeting places.

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