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- Model SEMS-2000/3000 - Solar Energy Measurement System



GEONICA introduces the SEMS-2000/3000 Solar Energy Measurement System, a turnkey integral solution for measuring the sun power, that is, the solar energy resource, as well as for the remote monitoring and efficiency analysis of solar power plants, thermal or photovoltaic, in real-time, via Internet. Ideal for solar energy resource assessment projects and generating solar irradiance and wind energy maps. 

The Sun Power heats the Earth each hour at an incredible rate. So there is no sense not to profit such sun power that we receive free of charge. Solar energy is renewable, covers vast territories of the world with very high intensity, and it is a power source whose availability is not susceptible of being controlled by spurious interests; therefore, it is the power of the future.

Our SEMS-2000 Solar Energy Measurement System is the most advanced technical and cost efficient solution for solar energy resource assessment available in the world market today. SEMS-2000 is also the necessary tool for the measurement of Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI), Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DHI) to be used as a precise incoming energy reference during the operation of Concentrating Solar Power Plants (CSP), Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants (CPV) and Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants (PV).

This advanced monitoring system allows you to determine whether your site is a good candidate to harvest sun power, as well as to carry out many other additional measurements.

Solar resource assessment is the first objective to be covered, in order to determine, during a certain time, the site conditions regarding the available solar energy. So the SEMS-2000 System has been designed for allowing the measurement of all solar radiation parameters, such as: Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI), Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DHI), by means of highly sensitive Pyranometers and Pyrheliometers supported by very precise solar trackers.

The SEMS-2000/3000 System has been designed around the Remote Data Acquisition and Transmission Unit, Series METEODATA-2000/3000C, working as a data logger and, at the same time, as a very precise Solar Tracker Controller. The marriage of the METEODATA Data Logger and the SunTracker-2000/3000 working together, is a unique and exclusive symbiosis solution, which allows profiting all the functionalities of the optional Automatic Diagnosis and Alarm Software (ADAS-3000 option).

The ADAS-3000 software installed at the data logger, is monitoring in real-time the measured values of the main three solar irradiance parameters (DNI, GHI and DHI), supervising also the results of the local running algorithms that are in charge of the Sun Tracker operation

The ADAS-3000 determines automatically the “coherence” of the three measured parameters: DNI, GHI and DHI values, as a function of the Sun position at any moment, obtained by the data logger from the Astronomical algorithm used for controlling the automatic tracking. If the ADAS-3000 detects any inconsistency or lack of coherence between the measured values of these three parameters, an alarm condition is automatically generated

This automatic diagnosis detects in real time any reason of inconsistence of the solar parameters, due to:

  • Dirt deposition in the domes of the Pyranometers or in the glass filters of the Pyrheliometers.
  • Degradation of the solar sensors or incorrect calibration constant.
  • Wrong leveling of the Sun Tracker.
  • Misalignment of the Pyrheliometer mounted on the sun tracker.
  • Incorrect operation of the Astronomical algorithm.

Besides the measurement of the solar radiation, the METEODATA unit allows the connection of other additional meteorological sensors. For instance, a wind sensor and a hail detector will offer valuable information for repositioning solar panels, in order to protect them in case of gusts of wind or severe thunderstorms with hail precipitation.

SEMS-2000/3000 System offers direct connection with SCADAs or remote monitoring for retrieving data or reporting site conditions via GPRS/CDMA cellular network, radio link, satellite, Ethernet, etc., as well as via INTERNET by means of the WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet Platform (Web Posting).

Once the solar plant is in operation, other three fundamental issues are covered by the SEMS-2000/3000 System:

  • Real-time monitoring of all the main or critical plant parameters. This will provide the possibility of a quick identification of failed components or abnormal operation conditions of the plant.
  • An efficient remote alarm management procedure by means of urgent transmission of SMS alert messages to cellular phones and emails to central computers, in order to minimize the troubleshooting efforts and to prevent damages in key plant components.
  • On-line and Off-line analysis of the plant efficiency, in order to know the overall performance of the thermal or photovoltaic installation.

These three issues will allow enlarging the operative life of the plant and, at the same time, to ensure the maximum investment profitability.

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