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- Model Lumina Series - Solar Lighting System



The Lumina Solar Lighting System is used for pathways, streets, parking lots, and parks. The Brighta system comes with three fixture options: GS-LED-290 (a Cobra Head style light fixture), GS-LED-260 (a dome-shaped light fixture), and GS-LED-NSB (with square form and sleek sloped top line). The system provides great light output with various distribution patterns. The Lumina is also Dark Sky Friendly.

This solar outdoor lighting solution is designed to provide sufficient lighting for numerous applications, such as pathways, bicycle lanes, streets, parking lots, parks, and corporate complexes. With Greenshine’s exclusive power saving technology on the battery, this series can provide up to 7 days power back-up.

Lumina series features a decorative design with the most advanced LED lamp (CREE XPG-3) on the market, ranging from 30W to 80W with a luminaire efficiency above 130 lumens per watt. With high quality galvanized steel poles, the Lumina series is perfect for park lighting and residential areas where the design of the street lights needs to blend with the surrounding area.

 Our Lumina series features IP68 solar charge controllers, which regulate the voltage conveyed from the solar panels to the battery. This protects the batteries from incurring damage from overcharging.

 The solar panels are built with a durable aluminum frame and tempered glass that can withstand strong winds and weather. They come with a 25-year power output warranty: 5 years/95%, 12 years/90%, 25 years/80%.

  • LIGHTS FIXTURE WATTAGE : 20W | 30W | 40W | 60W | SOW
  • POLE : 20' | 26' Galvanized Steel Pole
  • BATTERIES : ISOAh | 200Ah GEL Battery
  • SYSTEM AUTONOMY : Up to 7 days

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