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The Gremo forwarder 1350VT is equipped with a continously working and variable speed hydrostatic transmission called Gre- VT (Grevete). Gre- VT is another leap forward in technology that Gremo has been the first to introduce on forestry machines. The unique transmission cuts the working cycles and by that increases performance and profibility. The hydrostat pump drives two hydrostat motors mechanically connected to the cardan shaft via a gearbox.

The driver does not have to shift gear, but can select the speed range, either 0-11.8 km/h or 0-25 km/h. Driving position 1 has always both motors engaged. This position is selected, if the speed should not exceed 11.8 km/h. In driving position 2 both hydrostat motors are still engaged from start, but the larger of those two is disengaged automatically as soon as the speed exceeds 11.8 km/h. Engaging and disengaging are controlled by GreControl, a software developed by Gremo.

The unique feature with this system is the fact that the Gremo 1350VT is able to run at 0-25 km/h without being interrupted by gear shift and with maximum pulling force. Thus it is possible to start with maximum pulling force even in driving position 2 The pulling force amounts to fully 18.4 kN, and the system submits higher pulling force across the speed range.

But to make the whole thing really worthwhile a big and powerful Diesel engine with high torque is called for. Gremo has chosen a step 3 common-rail Cummins 6-cylinders with 6.7 litres cylinder capacity. It develops 191 HP already at 1700 revs and delivers incredible 900 Nm at low 1200-1475 revs. It isby the way the same engine installed in the Gremo 1050H harvester, but there with 220 HP.The engine in the 1350VT is limited to 1700 revs. to save fuel. More power should not be necessary anyway.

In order to facilitate the cleaning of the radiators and to save fuel the cooling fan is driven by a hydraulic motor. The fan speed is adjusted to the cooling requirements and is controlled by GreControl. Every 30 minutes it reverses the fan rotation for 10 seconds to blow-off the radiators.This gadget has recently also been added to the 1050H harvester.

The boom pump has 145 cc volume and is electronically controlled via GreControl. This means that you can choose different flow rates at pre-determined speed to suit different working tasks, boom types and ways of driving. This offers possibilities for lower fuel consumption.

Gremo 1350VT , 1050F and 1050H are furnished with the same type of drivers cab featuring Gremo´s product distinguishing mark - the visibility.Most people say that the close range visibility and the easy-view working area are unmatched. Good visibility less strains the eyes, which means a lot for the driver´s capacity during his working day.

The Gremo 1350VT is a smart creation. And we have designed it bearing you in mind.

Working in a 1350 should be a pleasant experience. Also outside the cab. You should not worry about overheating. You must not be an acrobat to get onto the forwarder. You should not require an escorting vehicle, where you can store tools and other important equipment. No, in Gremo´s world things are supposed to work properly. The reason is we believe that, when also the smallest things function well, the working day will pass more smoothly and faster.

On this page we show some smart details creating better fl ow of work during your shift.

A smart cab!

For your comfort the work place is ergonomically designed with all displays and controls within comfortable reach.

The air-cushioned electrically heated driver´s seat is released and locked by a light push of the button next to the righthand boom lever. The seat can be obtained with aeration, seat tilting or electrically/pneumatically adjusted side and seat cushion respectively.

The cab is fitted with the displays for the surveilllance cameras and GreControl. Further features are storage space, radio/CD player with 4 loudspeakers, rear mirror, first-aid kit, folding sun blend front, cup holder, hot cabinet and paper holder.

Vehicle, standard

  • Compressor's hose reel
  • Cranab FC 106, 7,8 m
  • Grapple, Hultdins SG 360
  • Tires: Trelleborg 710x26,5/428 Steelbelt
  • Engaging and disengaging vehicle drive
  • Waist lock with automatic operation
  • Hydraulic ladder
  • Mecanic service ladder
  • 2 Tool compartments, with special tools
  • Xenon lights, 15 off in total, incl. 1 off in rear frame and 2x2 off low lateral lights
  • Electric pump with auto stop and quick coupling for fuel
  • 24V socket at fuel tank
  • Electric pump with auto stop for hydraulic oil
  • Fine filter för particle/water separation in hydraulic oil
  • Hydraulically operated folding headboard
  • Bunks, 3 with removable stakes
  • Diesel fuel heater
  • Wear iron for the bogie housings
  • Tow hooks front and rear
  • Sprinkler equipment, 2 off hand extinguisher
  • Road transport kit (LGF plate, lighting, rear mirrors)

Cabin, standard

  • Surveillance camera front/rear, colour display
  • Cruise control
  • Steering wheel
  • Interval wipers front and rear, touch button for one wipe (controls also optional lateral wipers)
  • Opening side window (emergency exit)
  • Safety panes 12 mm
  • ACC air condition plant
  • Prepared for telephone incl. Aerial
  • IQAN Experience with GreControlprogrammeProgrammable speed limitationSelecting boom pump flow rates.5 off adjustable driver´s programmeTripmeter/speedometer.Alarm and fault detector.
  • Sunshade front
  • Rear mirror
  • Air-cushioned, electrically heated driver´s seat, safety belt, neckrest
  • Seat swivelling with electrical brake
  • Mini levers
  • Radio/CD player, 4 loudspeakers
  • 12V and 24V sockets in instrument panel
  • Manual pump for tilting of cab


  • Bogielift
  • Trelleborg 710/40x26,5 Profil 428 SB Nokia Tyres
  • Cranab FC 115, 7,8 and 10,0 m respectively
  • Boom damper
  • Indexator slewing damper MPD
  • Grapple, alternative make
  • Sun curtains
  • Side wipers
  • Seat, aerated
  • Seat tilting
  • Drivers seat, damped in onealternatively two directions
  • DASA operation data collecting and forwarder reporting, GPS
  • Electric tilting of cab
  • Boom jib lights 2 off, Xenon
  • Extra Xenon lights
  • Fixed headboard
  • Prepared clamp bank, electric-hydraulic
  • winch 3 alternatively 6 tons, attached to rear frame
  • Caterpillar chains / anti-skid chains

Weight with basic equipment: 16 730 kg
Fuel tank: 210 litres divided into three.

Engine: Cummins QSB, turbo-charged, Intercooler, common rail, EC step 3.
Capacity (litres): 6,7
Toprque (Nm) at speed: More than 900, between 1200–1475 r.p.m.
Power output kW (HP) at speed: 141 (191) at 1700 r.p.m., (speed limited to 1700 r.p.m.).
Cooling system: Hydraulically driven fan with automatic reversing, governed by GreControl.
Fuel tanks: 210 litres divided into three. Distribution governed by GreControl, Filling via quick coupling.Electrically driven pump with automatic shut-off.

Tractive force (kN): 184 kN. Equal tractive force both in low and high speed position.
Hydrostatic drive: Gre-VT (Gremo Variable Transmission) variable transmission governed by GreControl.
Speed of motion, shiftless: Low speed 0-11.8 km/h, high speed 0 – 25 km/h. Programmable speed range.
Bogies: Cast iron gearwheel bogies. Disengaging vehicle drive.
Differential locks: Individually controlled with 100 % locking on each axle.
Hub reduction: On every wheel
Steering system: Servo-steering. Electric proportional terrain steering in separate lever.
Steering torque (kNm): 42
Steering angle: +/- 45°
Breakes: Electro-hydraulic brakes. Four oil-immersed multiple-disc brakes in front and rear differentials.
Other: GreControl for settings, fault detecting and warning by fault message.

Working hydraulic: Load detecting output controlled system, governed by GreControl.
Pump (cc): 145 Variable, adjustable flow rate limitation via GreControl.
Working pressure (MPa): 23,5
Cooling, filtering: Separate pump for cooling and filtering, return filter, fine filter. By hydraulic motor driven variable blower with reversing action for cleaning of the radiators, controlled by GreControl.
Filling: Elektrical via fi lter, automatic stop.

Crane/Crane Control
Boom: Cranab FC 106
Reach length (m): 7,8
Gross lifting torque (kNm): 106
Steering system: Gre-Control, 6 operator selecting altennatives, fault detecting.

Voltage (V): 24
Generator (A): 175
Battery: 2 x 145 Ah
Working lights Xenon: 15 x 30 W

Load carrier
Cross sectional area (m2): 5,3 and 5,0 respectively
Payload (tons): 13
Other: Hydraulically controlled folding headboard. 4 bunks with removable stakes. Middle and rear bunk variably adjustable.

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