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Pure Air Solutions supplies fully integrated air cooling systems, complete with adiabatic water cooling towers or closed loop water/glycol systems. Our line of Calorplast plastic heat exchangers is most suited for process air cooling under condensing conditions. Condensed water flows freely since the small plastic tubes have no fins and are extremely smooth. The entire construction is made of plastic, both the heat exchanger elements and the matching casing. Materials applied are polypropylene and polyethylene. In the higher temperature and pressure range, glass fibre reinforced polyester comes as an alternative for the casing. Fouling is not an issue. In most cases the system is self cleaning by the continuous flow of condensed water. Free passage of water is guaranteed by the absence of fins. An optional integrated spraying system is available. Should cleaning be required, this is easily done using a high pressure water jet.

The heat exchanger features small smooth tubes permitting the water to flow freely unlike e.g. in finned tube exchangers. The typical surface area (m2 per m3 of unit volume) is of the same order of magnitude as standard packing materials applied in conventional scrubbers. This explains why odour removal efficiencies from 60 to over 90% have been achieved with this system in various applications.

Due to its specific characteristics this type of plastic heat exchanger is particular suitable for the OCC odour control system. By cooling the process air, and thus the removal of large quantities of water vapour, the air becomes reconditioned and can be reused in the process. The advantage is obvious: contaminated air is no longer released into the atmosphere and odour emission is reduced to nil. This odour control technique is unmatched by any other end-of-pipe technology.

Modular heat exchangers are available for air flows of up to approx. 100,000 m3/h and 8 MW cooling power.

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