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- Stacked Disc Cartridges



Saflow (DS) and Saflow D (DD) Cartridges withstand cold starts and high pressure differentials. These specially designed stacked disc cartridges provide protection at high pressure differentials brought on by cold starts and high viscosities. The stacked cellulose paper discs with labyrinth oil channels also provide depth filtration and high dirt-holding capacity.

  • Reduce Spark Erosion Residue
  • Maintain Dielectric Insulation and Cooling Properties
  • Eliminate Arcing and Hot Spots
  • Extend Fluid Life
  • Reduce Downtime

  • Rugged Construction
  • Lifting Bail
  • Large Filtering Area
  • Large Dirt-Holding Capacity

  • 1-1/4” ID x 6” OD x 14-1/2” H

  • Marine/Shipping - Mid Stream Gas - Mining - Natural Gas Pipeline Transmission - Oil & Gas - Power Generation - Pulp & Paper - Refinery - Steel Industry

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