- Oil Reclaimer



HILCO’s Oil Reclaimer vacuum process provides a highly efficient means for removal of moisture, solvents, dissolved gases, and volatile impurities having a boiling point lower than oil.

Allows reliable reclaiming of the following fluids: hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, castor oils, quench oils, insulating oils, lubricating oils, transmission fluids, vacuum pump oils.

The Hilliard Corporation has been furnishing the refrigeration industry quality oil conditioning systems for more than 50 years to dehydrate the mineral oils that have been in use for many years. They are also used with the newly required polyol ester fluids in preparation for charging the compressors. Systems with flow rates of 1 GPH to 100 GPH are available with vacuum storage tanks either as an integral part of the conditioning unit or remotely mounted to maintain the oil in a dry state. Many users have recently purchased dual systems set on a common base but controlled by one operating panel for processing two different viscosities or brands of oil. We have supplied systems to all of the major industrial players in the field.

  • Moisture analyzers
  • Programmable controllers
  • Automatic recirculation controls
  • Preset batch controllers
  • High-pressure discharge pumps
  • Flow meters

The HILCO engineering group can design a system to meet your specific needs, or you may choose one of our standard designs.

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