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Hospital Waste – 1MW Module System


1 MW Modular Systems for converting Hospital Waste and Sewage to Renewable Energy and Pure Water. Sizes range from a 1MW Modular System and can be scaled to meet and Hospital Waste Volume

ThisHospital Waste Systemis a custom commercial Gasification System that maximises the benefits of recycling Hospital waste for any size facility.

This system maximises the energy and water content of Hospital Waste. A combination of products can be derived from our proprietary system including the following:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Pure Water
  • Biochar/Carbon Black
  • Clean Biofuels (with additional module)

This WSW PRO 1MW System has the ability to be scaled to meet the volume of Hospital waste as feedstock in any given area, making it the perfect choice for large and small hospital recycling and reclamation partnerships. Each system is built to manage the intake based on waste tonnage and maximise the output based on hospital needs and profitability. We can create systems as small as 1 MW and scale up to as large as needed to manage the waste problem. The system is simple to operate, low on maintenance, cost efficient, yet robust in delivering high quality products. It is the most cost effective and efficient commercial system on the market.

  • Scalable for Commercial Operations (1MW and larger) High Yield Product Outputs
  • Near Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Choice of Product Output (or combination to maximise customer needs or financial profitability)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple Operation


For a 1 MW system

Processes 1 Tonnes of MSW per hour (24 Tonnes per day)


  • Renewable Energy  ~ 24 MWe-H per day * ~ 48 MWt-H per day *
  • Biochar  ~ 36 Kilograms per day
  • Water  ~ 1200 liters of water

* In the electrical power industry, megawatt electrical (MWe or MWe) refers by convention to the electric power produced by a generator, while megawatt thermal or thermal megawatt (MWt, or MWt, or MWth, MWth) refers to thermal power produced by the plant. The alternative would be to put this HEAT into another device called a Rankin cycle Turbine, which could then generate more Electricity. This does increase the capital cost, but allows the client to make full use of all energy elements to generate the maximum amount of electrical energy.

Metals, stone, concrete, glass and ceramics need to be pre-sorted prior to processing.

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