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HURIKAN 1000 emergency incineration systems are exceptionally sturdy, highly mobile, high capacity units designed for use wherever large volumes of waste needs to be incinerated quickly. They have been specifically developed to swiftly and easily incinerate a wide range of material, including carcasses resulting from catastrophic events (such as oil spillages, earth quakes and typhoons) or outbreaks of disease (such as Avian Flu, Foot & Mouth disease, BSE and Swine Fever), medical waste and contraband (such as illegal drugs). The HURIKAN 1000 is the largest capacity EU ABPR compliant mobile incinerator available.

Why choose the HURIKAN 1000?

Very large load capacity
The HURIKAN 1000 is an unrivalled force in the incineration of large volumes of waste. It can process a wide range of material, including carcasses resulting from catastrophic events (such as oil spillages, earth-quakes and typhoons) or outbreaks of disease (such as Avian Flu, Foot & Mouth disease, BSE and Swine Fever), medical waste and contraband (such as illegal drugs). It is the largest capacity EU ABPR 1069/2009 compliant mobile incinerator available and will incinerate continuously, making use of our unique de-ashing system.

Fast burn rate
The HURIKAN 1000’s 1000kg per hour burn rate** is the highest of any EU legislation ABPR 1069/2009 compliant model available; a single
unit can incinerate in excess of 20,000 chickens a day (with an average weight of 1.2kg). Even faster rates of 3000kg per hour may be
achieved. Unique mobility and rapid deployment, it can be quickly towed and maneuvered into awkward sites. The HURIKAN 1000 can be
operational within 2 hours, providing for the swift containment of disease, and saving unnecessary labour and waste transport costs.

Simple to use
With automatic burn cycles and a single large, but easily moveable, slide on/off loading door, its simplicity offers effortless operation, despite its size.

Robust construction
Built with high quality materials, the HURIKAN 1000 offers reliable service when it is needed the most, designed to cope with the intensive
nature of mobile incineration.

Legislation compliance
The HURIKAN 1000 is fully EU legislation ABPR 1069/2009 compliant and for efficiency and cleaner emissions.

Why use mobile incineration?

Mobile incinerators are the most efficient way of processing bulk waste in remote or varied locations. It is also quickest way to effectively contain outbreak of disease and epidemics. Bio-security is assured by moving the incinerator rather than the diseased carcasses.

HURIKAN 1000 Emergency Incineration Unit

Waste Type:
Whole animal carcass remains or animal carcass waste, medical and organic waste.

Mild steel welded fabrication consisting of sheet steel and structural section supports and bracings. 40ft articulated trailer* supplied in compliance with the country of destination.

  • Pre-owned trailer.

Primary chamber – Consists of a monolithic high grade refractory concrete with high grade insulation backing, typical hot face temperature linings from 1300oC. Utilising a refractory hearth for continuous ash removal.
Secondary Chamber – Consists of high density, low thermal mass refractory ceramic fibre with an innovative low emissivity protective coating.

Fully automatic, high efficiency burners with electronic ignition, flame recognition and combustion control devices fitted.

Process monitoring:
The standard control incorporates digital display for both primary and secondary chamber temperatures throughout each cycle. Cycle position is also displayed on control LCD display screens.

Optional Extras

  • Temperature data recording equipment
  • Fuel tank
  • Portable Generator – petrol or diesel fuelled
  • Emission Monitoring Equipment

EU Animal by-product regulation ABPR 1069/2009, UK Animal by-products regulation 2005. Secondary chamber gas residence time >2 seconds @ 850oC.

Electrical supply:
230VAC, single phase, 50Hz, 16A minimum, mains or generator supplied. Waste Spectrum offer optional petrol
or diesel fueled generators if required.

Loading & Ash removal:
Single large top access sliding door for mechanical top loading of waste. A full refractory hearth enables the ash to drop through into the de-ashing area. This enables continuous incineration.

Exterior finish:
Multi-coat high quality, high temperature Aluminium enamel top coat paint finished in silver.


  • Fully automatic sequential control provided by internal PLC system providing the following control
  • Secondary chamber pre-heat
  • Burn cycle (variable)
  • Turndown cycle
  • Cool down cycle

*Semi-automatic loading with burner interlock control

Diesel, 35 second fuel oil. (LPG also available)

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