Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Independent AK-Fuel Controller



The Sierra Independent AK-Fuel Controller is designed for customers who the benefit of  Sierra's comprehensive line of fuel measurement and conditioning solutions but are not using Sierra's CADET host system. The system controls all fuel equipment and relays data to 3rd party host controllers via a Ethernet TCP/iP connection. The controller is based on the latest version of the full CADET software. Therefore the controller benefits from the latest software updates and enhancements.

  • Straight forward AK command structure
  • Multiple devices can be run from a single controller
  • Easily add capability by adding more I/O control cards
  • Remote support if a fault develops
  • Integrated high performance industrial computer

  • A single fuel controller can be used to control multiple fuel and in-cell instruments
  • Easily add capability by adding more I/O control cards
  • Based on the Sierra CADET control hardware to work with 3rd party host controllers
  • Integrated small format industrial PC
  • Packaged into 4U 19” unit for rack or desk mount 
  • Optional 0-10V/4-20mA analog outputs and digital outputs in addition to, or instead of the AK protocol.
  • Based on the latest specification of the standard CADET system
  • Runs a ‘component’ version of CADET V14 software
  • Designed to control other Sierra in-cell equipment

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