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Integrated Biomass Gasification Power Plant (IBGPP)


Syngas is used as fuel in internal combustion (IC) engines that are coupled to a synchronous alternator, which produces electricity. The thermal energy generated in the form of combustion gases, both in the gasifier reactor as well as the IC engines (heat recovery) is used for generation of thermal energy either in the form of hot water, steam, thermal oil, hot water or Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC), etc. ensuring full utilization of the waste power coming into the gasification plant for end use.

Thermal energy generation
  • Generation of thermal energy by direct combustion of syngas in heat generation equipment, such as steam boilers, cement kilns, dryers, etc. This thermal energy can be used in a range of sectors such as the industrial sector, in chemicals, cement, food, etc., as well as in  tertiary sectors, for offices, hotels, residential (District heating & cooling) or agriculture (greenhouses)
Chemical synthesis
  • Syngas is subjected to chemical transformation processes, enabling the generation of Bioethanol, Biochemical (ethylene glycol, DME, methanol) Bio-SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas), etc. These products are used for the production of automotive and transportation fuels, chemicals and plastics, fuel injection into pipelines, etc.

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