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- Model 18T - Red Heavy Flat Trailer



Heavy duty commerical specification trailer. Length: up to 39ft. Carrying Capacity: 18,000kg (18,290kg maximum gross weight in UK). Body: 8ft 2' wide. Chassis: 250 x 150 steel RHS. Bearers: 80 x 40 steel RHS. Side Rails: 100 x 65 x 8mm steel angle. Floor: Chequer plate floor, 29.19 kg/m2. Axles: 126mm full commercial, 420 x 180 brakes or 420 x 210 brakes (for special applications). Suspension: Full cast iron over sprung commercial suspension, 1 spring per wheel. Wheel Rims: 10 stud fully welded, high speed, commercial rims. Tyres: Low profile commercial remoulds, 385/55 x 22.5.


  • Standard hydraulic braking system
  • Bracketed for air brakes
  • One brake ram per wheel
  • Multi-stroke commercial ratchet handbrake


  • 155 x 180 double channel 40mm towing ring


  • Open or closed


  • Commercial lighting system
  • LED front markers
  • LED side markers
  • Commercial dual combination rear lights
  • Switchable LED pulsing amber repeater
  • Detachable flexible electric connection to tractor


  • All structural steelwork is shot blasted and prime painted prior to fabrication.
  • Whole trailer is primed then top coated twice with Ultramax High Gloss paint to achieve 140 microns.

Axle Options:

  • New commercial BPW style or Granning 126mm round, 420 x 180 brake
  • Refurbished commercial ROR axles

Tyre Options:

  • New 385/55 x 22.5
  • 435/50 x 19.5 Miniature super singles - ideal for floats (road tyres)
  • 500/45 x 22.5 Crossply floatations
  • 550/45 x 22.5 Crossply floatations
  • 506/45 x 22.5 Radial floatations

Other Features:

  • 100mm square back rail
  • Side guards
  • Rear bumper
  • Removable rear bale retainer
  • Rear towing ring
  • Detachable hydraulic hose from front plate (for easy replacement if damaged)
  • Mud flaps
  • Lockable plastic toolbox (Two on trailers over 30ft in length)
  • Rope hook on every bearer

Optional Extras:

  • Air braking system with load sensing valve and graduation valve (to assist prevention of wheel locking on unloaded trailers at low speeds when ABS is not perficient) to create a fast tow trailer.
  • Special chassis - 200 x 155 heavy boxed double channel for use with miniature super singles to lower trailer - ideal for floats and retains sprung suspension.
  • Sprung drawbar
  • Hydraulically operated box pusher
  • Hydraulically operated gantry
  • Hydraulically operated loading ramps
  • Harvest ladders and rails
  • Storage rack for load tarpaulins
  • Extended headboard/back frame
  • Commercial LED combination rear lights (no cost extra)

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