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after burner equipment

  • TEMINOX - Model GLS - Burner

    There are different ways to guarantee a permanent low emission level. The TEMINOX GLS pressure atomizer series offers what is probably the most effective way. Burners of this series are available either as monoblock or duoblock burners and have been optimized in every detail to ensure low-pollution combustion. It does not matter which version is ...

    By SAACKE GmbH based in Bremen, GERMANY. from Burner Product line

  • Incini - Cone Burner

    Incini-Cone burners are designed for fume incineration and the after-heating of exhaust from turbines, dryers, ovens and similar equipment. The burner is mounted in the exhaust duct and requires the exhaust stream to supply all of the oxygen needed for complete combustion. Burner assemblies include the burner body, gas or oil gun, gas pilot with ...

    By Eclipse, Inc. based in Rockford, ILLINOIS (USA). from Cone Burner Product line

  • Pellas X - Model Mini - Pellet Burner

    Safety; Patented technology of high pressure combustion – no risk of backfire. Burner’s temperature control. Reliability; Patented system of fuel mixing in the furnace chamber significantly prolongs the duration of maintenance-free operation>. Automatic start after voltage loss – memory of last settings. Removable grate, made ...

    By PellasX Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. based in Pila, POLAND. from Pellet Burner Product line

  • MAX - Model 17 to 546 kW - Monoblock Burners

    New control box Thermowatt allowing to improve the interface with service personnel; the digital display (PAB versions) featuring the interactive language with pictograms gives real time information about burner operation and statistics stored during the heating season.

    By Ecoflam Bruciatori S.p.A. based in Resana (TV), ITALY. from Monoblock Burners Product line

  • ORLIGNO - Model 100 - With Pellet Burner

    The ORLIGNO 100 with pellet burner is an extension of the functionality of a multi-boiler with the ability burn pellets. Interchangeable doors allow free transformation from the traditional to high performance pellet. The construction was designed so that in both cases there is no compromise. Thus, both the combustion of conventional fuels and ...

    By Eko-Vimar Orlański based in Otmuchów, POLAND. from With Pellet Burner Product line

  • Pellas X - Model Mini REVO - Pellet Burners

    Safety: High pressure combustion system – no risk of backfire. Hybrid Drive System – 100% pellet injection into the combustion chamber when power supply is cut off. New X.Plug equipped with the explosion-proof certified sockets and pins. Safety temperature limiter STB cuts off power supply of the external feeder (stops fuel supply) ...

    By PellasX Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. based in Pila, POLAND. from Pellet Burners Product line

  • Model SKU 2001 - Burner Safety System

    With Clean Combustion Burner Safety System (BSS), each fuel will have its own safety logic for firing. A signal splitter will give the Safety PLC independence from the DCS for signal input. This results in the safest operative logic for the safety system. We offer the PLC system as Siemens, or ABB/Allen Bradley/Honeywell, or following client ...

    By Clean Combustion Technologies AB based in Atvidaberg, SWEDEN. from Burner Safety System Product line

  • PBS - Model AOH-M Series - Automatic Oil Burners

    Basic Description And Function of Burners; Burners AOH-M represent modernized type of automatic oil burner, intended for the burning of naphtha, light and extra-light fuel oils confirming with the standards ČSN 65 7991 and DIN 51 7991. Burner operation is fully automated, not demanding permanent attendance. Continuous control of heat output ...

    By PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. based in Trebíc, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Automatic Oil Burners Product line

  • Model SM Bio - Pellet Boiler and Burner

    SM Bio is the smallest boiler for pellets in our offer. Thanks to the modern modulation, operating this machine is limited to filling the container with pellets and the capacity of 230 l allows for filling with fuel every 3 to 14 days. Thanks to the designed automatics it meets the most stringent standards of environmental protection in the ...

    By Regess Sp. z o.o. based in Jelenia Góra, POLAND. from Pellet Boiler and Burner Product line

  • Model Compact+ Series - Pellet Boiler burner

    The boiler burns functioning chute principle, and is built so that it will burn 6 and 8 mm pellets (l = 5-25mm). Combustion takes place in a small trough at the front of the burner, which is provided with air nozzles. These air nozzles are setting and allocation is optimized to provide optimum combustion. The fuel is fed by means of the supplied ...

    By Passat Energy A/S based in Tjele, DENMARK.

  • PBS - Model APH-M (E) Series - Automatic Monoblock Burner

    Basic Description and Functions of the Burner; The APH-M is a modern type of automatic gas burner designed to burn natural gas, propane butane, biogas, landfill gas and mine gas. The burner works fully automatically, and does not require any permanent control. The connected regulation of heat output and low access of air during combustion ensure ...

    By PBS POWER EQUIPMENT, s.r.o. based in Trebíc, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Automatic Monoblock Burner Product line

  • ThermJet - Self-Recuperative Burner

    ThermJet Self-Recuperative Burners Combine a High Velocity Flame with Fuel Saving Recuperation. The low NOx TJSR V5 is a direct fired, self-recuperative burner built with Eclipse's industry proven ThermJet technology. Featuring advanced burner design, these burners combine a high velocity flame with fuel saving recuperation. A space-saving ...

    By Eclipse, Inc. based in Rockford, ILLINOIS (USA). from Self-Recuperative Burner Product line

  • Model T-300 - In Ground Trench Burners

    Air Burners' T-Series trailer mounted air curtain incineration systems have been designed and engineered to provide over-the-road transportability, offering the operator the flexibility of reducing land clearing or clean construction waste on-site as opposed to hauling the waste to a fixed processing or dumping location or chipping it at high cost ...

    By Air Burners, Inc. based in Palm City, FLORIDA (USA). from In Ground Trench Burners Product line

  • Film Type Sulphur Burner

    In accordance with the present day needs of our sugar manufacturing process we had introduced in 1998 a new concept of Sulphur Burning called the Film Type Sulphur Burner, a product of Digital Utilities’ R & D effort and encouraging association with Sugar Technology Mission, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. It ...

    By DU Digital Processes Pvt., Ltd. based in New Delhi, INDIA. from Film Type Sulphur Burner Product line

  • PetroBio - Model PMES - Multi Energy System - Gas Burner

    PETRO Multi Energy System (PMES) is an unique low NOx combustion system developed to fit PTVM boilers produced by JSC 'Dorogobuzhkotlomash'. By combining smart designed burners and a state of the art control system PetroBio has developed a system which meet strong NOx emission requirement even those which are valid for gas firing in Moscow City ...

    By PetroBio Inc. based in Göteborg, SWEDEN. from Multi Energy System - Gas Burner Product line

  • Flame Front Generators

    A flame front generator is a system in which a gas/air mixture is introduced at ground level and flows up a one-inch line to the pilot burner. After filling this line with the mixture it is ignited by a spark. The resulting flame travels to the top of the flare where the pilot burner is ignited.

    By Smitsvonk Holland B.V. A member of Durag Group based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS. from Flame Front Generators Product line

  • HERZ Pelletfire - Model 20-40 T-Control - Combination Log Boiler

    The HERZ pelletfire 20/30/40 is a combination of a log boiler and a wood pellet burner. Especially the continued operation after burning of all logs makes the heating with a combi-boiler comfortable!

    By Herz Energietechnik based in Pinkafeld, AUSTRIA. from Combination Log Boiler Product line

  • Model AC - Flare Systems

    The AC range of flare stacks is designed to offer a degree of control over the combustion process in an elevated flame burner. The burner tip design is based upon the principle of pre-aerated combustion giving the option of a short sharp, non-luminous flame, as opposed to the yellow-tipped long lazy flame typical of diffusion burners.

    By Organics Group plc based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flare Systems Product line

  • Caustic and Caustic Rinse Tanks

    The tanks are constructed of 1/4' mild steel plate and are reinforced at the lip with steel channel and at the girth with angle. In addition, the lower portion of the sidewall and the bottom are reinforced with T bar and/or I beam. The tanks are heated by immersion tube burners fabricated of schedule 40 steel pipe and fired with atmospheric type ...

    By GTI Engineering Inc. based in Katy, TEXAS (USA). from Caustic and Caustic Rinse Tanks Product line

  • Atmos - Model DP Series - Solid and Robust Boiler

    The Atmos DP boiler, is a solid and robust boiler solution for wood pellets. The Wood pellet boiler is built up with a loose pellet burner which can be placed on either the right or the left side. The pellet burner is supplied with wood pellets from the hopper by means of an Auger. The Atmos boiler can as a default be delivered with 250 L and 500 ...

    By Passat Energy A/S based in Tjele, DENMARK.

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