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archimedes turbine equipment

  • Hydromew - Archimedes Screw Turbines

    Worm water turbines also known as Archimedes turbines. Rotors sized 700mm – 4000mm. The flow of 0,5m3/s to 12m3/s. Optional 4 (rather than the usual 3) bladed turbine to reduce diameter and allow for quiter more efficient operation. Flow of water controlled through mechanical adjustment. Possible delivery of structures mounted on the weir, ...

    By Hydromew Sp. z o.o. based in Elblag , POLAND.

  • Archimedes Screw Generator

    All the benefits of existing Archimedes Screw technologies,Suited to heads of 1-4m with fl ows of 300-900l/s (greater in parallel operation, Durable toughened plastic Triple Helix: lightweight, non-corroding, economical, Potential to generate 25Kw/screw @ 75%+ water to wire effi ciency, Turbine manufactured in UK, easily transported and ...

    By Ham Baker Group based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Archimedes Screw Generator Product line

  • Archimedes Screw Generators

    They move slowly. It isn’t about speed, but mass and balance. The balance is between efficiency, fish and environmental protection. Screw generators extract the potential energy from large blocks of slowly downward moving water. The mass of the water turns the tilted screw. The flow of that mass is controlled by hydraulically driven sluice ...

    By New England Hydropower Company, Inc. based in Beverly Farms, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • 3Helix - Hydropower Turbine

    Power has been generated for thousands of years using water wheels, which convert falling water directly into energy.  Water wheels are quite efficient, but do have some significant limitations for both low and especially high head applications.    Water turbines were developed in the 1800’s to circumvent these ...

    By 3Helix Power based in VIRGINIA (USA).

  • 3Helix - Archimedian Screw

    Archimedes screws are an OLD idea (attributed to Archimedes of Syracuse in the 3rd century BC), but until recently, they have always been used to pump water UP.  By letting water drop via an Archimedes screw it is possible to generate electrical power.

    By 3Helix Power based in VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Greenbug - Grid Tied Screw Generators

    The Archimedes screw was invented in 200 AD by Archimedes and was used to pump water up to irrigate fields. It has been used to drain lowlands in the Netherlands and in modern times as part of sewage systems to pump sewer effluent. It has only been a recent development that the screw has been applied to power generation.

    By Greenbug Energy Inc. based in Delhi, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Hydrodynamic Screws

    PAE-type Hydrodynamic Screws by RONCUZZI are systems designed for the production of electric energy. Inspired by the Archimedes screw, which traditionally has been used for lifting water, the Hydrodynamic Screw reverses the principle and exploits the difference of potential energy of water between two different points on its downhill course. The ...

    By RONCUZZI S.r.l. based in Mezzano (RAVENNA), ITALY. from Hydrodynamic Screws Product line

  • Hidroturbin - Model Arvida™ - Hydroelectric Power Plants (HEPP)

    Hydroelectric power plants (HEPP) aim to generate electrical energy using the potential energy of the water. In order to generate energy, run-of-river plants separate river from its course and convey it by transfer structures in order to acquire desirable head then dispatch the water through pressured pipes (penstocks) to the turbines. This ...

    By Hidroturbin based in Çankaya/ANKARA, TURKEY. from Hydroelectric Power Plants (HEPP) Product line

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