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ash containment equipment

  • HABA - Ash Containers

    Equipment: leveling screw D 250 ,motor 1,5 kW, 400 V, 28 r/min,, demountable body , CL-bridges and -hooks, HL-hook (1570 mm), top hung door drain, P-seal, rear roller or rollers corner, bottom PL 3, sides PL 3, sides, inlets 16 A, Electrification multi-polar opposite side of the tank, full tank indicator, the inductive limit, surface treatment: ...

    By HABA Products - Elo Group Oy based in Nokia, FINLAND. from Ash Containers Product line

  • Ash Bin

    Primarily employed within a stepped hearth configuration where the waste material is progressively propelled by a hydraulic ram through the different phases of combustion until it reaches the hot ash stage. At this point a refractory lined hydraulically operated ash ram loader will force the combusted ash remains from the primary chamber into an ...

    By Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd. based in Hyde, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ash Bin Product line

  • Coal Ash

    Coal ash is a by-product generated from the combustion of coal, primarily from power generation plants around the world. Coal ash, depending on the specific coal bed makeup, can contain toxic constituents in varying amounts that include arsenic, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, strontium, along with dioxins, to name a few. In itself, ...

    By WI Environmental based in Clinton, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Cigarette Ash Receptacles

    Cigarette disposal is a breeze with our versatile line of cigarette ash receptacles. Our cigarette ash receptacles include concrete ashtrays, outdoor covered ashtrays, pedestal ashtrays, smoking receptacles, decorative ashtrays, freestanding ashtrays, and more. We've got every kind of cigarette receptacle you can imagine in a diverse range of ...

    By New Pig Corporation based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Cigarette Ash Receptacles Product line

  • Container Silobas

    MATERIALS CARRIED BY TANKS: Silica sand – Cement – Calcite - Soda – Dolomite – Flour – Semolina –Bentonite – Ashes – Lime – Coal powder – Rockwool and various powder materials. TYPE: CONTAINER TYPE (CONTAINER 20 FT).VOLUME: 26M3, WEIGHT – 3000 KG.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MAY BE CHANGED. .

    By Erhan Machinery System Ltd (EMS) based in Temelli, TURKEY.

  • Ash Removal Systems

    The ashes produced during the burning of wood and biomass are discharged form the system fully automatically by low-wear systems and transferred to containers and/or silo facilities for temporary storage. The following systems have proven to be especially reliable and low-maintenance with Polytechnik plants:

    By Polytechnik Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH based in Weissenbach (NÖ), AUSTRIA.

  • Fly Ash for Concrete

    Fly ash – the most commonly used coal combustion product – is a remarkable material that cost-effectively improves the performance of products it is added to. For instance, in making concrete, cement is mixed with water to create the “glue” that holds strong aggregates together. Fly ash works in tandem with cement in the ...

    By Headwaters Resources, Inc. based in South Jordan, UTAH (USA).

  • Model HPK-RA - Heating Containers

    Electrical installation. Stainless steel chimney to suit boiler. Safety devices. Installation (flow & return). Fuel store fill and vent pipes & couplings. All doors and access hatches included. Ventilation as required. Single container or two storey container. Storage space 20 - 45 m3

    By GILLES Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co KG based in Gmunden, AUSTRIA. from Heating Containers Product line

  • Friend Instrument - Model FDR-2101 - Fuel oil ash content analyzer

    Fuel oil ash content analyzer is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T508 Test Methods for Ash Content of Petroleum Products. the lubricant oil ash content tester is suitable to determine ash content of petroleum products.Note, the instrument is not suitable for the petroleum product which is added ash forming additive ...

    By Changsha Friend Instrument Co.Ltd based in Changsha, CHINA. from Fuel oil ash content analyzer Product line

  • Fly Ash for Materials Handling System

    Here at Clyde Bergemann we are confident that no matter what the problem is we have a solution for your materials handling requirements. Transporting fly ashes has been at the core of our business for more than three decades and our team are well established and looking forward to the next decades to come. The Clyde Bergemann operation has ...

    By Clyde Bergemann Power Group based in Wesel, GERMANY. from Fly Ash for Materials Handling System Product line

  • Veto Cont - Model S - Bio­mass Hea­ting Container

    The Veto Cont S bio­mass hea­ting con­tai­ner is made for the capacity range of 60 – 150 kW. Summer-time use at a small par­tial capacity is a problem for many, but the Veto Cont S ope­ra­tes reliably even then, thanks to its advanced cont­rol sys­tem. Its relia­bi­lity is also ensu­red by the ...

    By Veljekset Ala-Talkkari Oy based in LAPUA, FINLAND. from Bio­mass Hea­ting Container Product line

  • BIOKOMPAKT - Model ASS120 - Biomass Boilers

    Easy disposal thanks ash container, which can be absorbed directly into the garbage truck. For the removal of the ash from wood and biomass plants provides the biomass specialist BIOKOMPAKT® his new Aschesaugsystem ASA 120 with a drainable through the garbage to ash container. The system is suitable for convenient, dust-free and safe disposal ...

    By Biokompakt Heiztechnik GmbH based in Waldhausen, AUSTRIA. from Biomass Boilers Product line

  • Pressure-Proof Strong Cupola Valve

    The Pressure-proof Strong Cupola Valve on the top of the conveyor with its inflatable seal acts as a reliable door which opens to let ash flow into the container and closes before the system is pressurized and conveying commences.

    By Kopar Oy based in Parkano, FINLAND. from Pressure-Proof Strong Cupola Valve Product line

  • Dry Discharge System

    In times of diminishing resources and increased environmental awareness, the bottom ash that remains on the grate after combustion, in particular the ferrous and non-ferrous metals contained in the bottom ash should be recycled. Dry discharge offers significant advantages in this respect. Not only are the recoverable metals of a better quality, ...

    By Martin GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik based in München, GERMANY.

  • Biomass Gasification Heat Supply System

    Biomass are put into gasifier and begin  reaction in the gasifier to generate fuel gas under high temperature.the ash shall be discharged through ash discharge device and will be isolated from the outside through rotary valve.Meanwhile,no matter what the raw materials are rice hull or straw.the equipment may continue its work for a long time ...

    By Hefei Debo Bioenergy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd based in Hefei City, CHINA.

  • Water Cooled Mobile Grate

    Equipment fully developed and manufactured by Flucal with notable practical results in demanding fuel combustion, particularly in fuels with high ash content, low LHV or high humidity %. Furnaces with mobile water cooled on Chromium / Nickel grates, resistant to high temperatures with wet or dry ash extraction system.

    By Flucal Caldeiras S.A. based in Oporto, PORTUGAL. from Water Cooled Mobile Grate Product line

  • Linka - Mobile Straw Heating Plant: 100 - 5,000 kW

    With a Linka mobile plant you are ensured a turnkey heating plant, built in a large standard or custom container. A straw shredder and conveyor are installed outside the main container, along with a custom ash container and chimney. All of which are connected to the mobile plant’s main container. The main container is built in three sizes, ...

    By Linka Energy A/S based in LEM ST., DENMARK. from Mobile Straw Heating Plant: 100 - 5,000 kW Product line

  • DIN Plus - 6 mm Wood Pellets in Bags Domopellets

    6 mm pellets in bags Domopellets Quality standards DIN Plus. Energy potential approx. 4,8 MW/ per ton Ash residue less than 0,5% Diameter 6 mm. Weight : more than 680 kg /m3. Sulphur contained : less than 0,03%. Fines : less than 0,3%.

    By Domoflor based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from 6 mm Wood Pellets in Bags Domopellets Product line

  • DIN Plus - 6 mm Premium Wood Pellets

    6 mm pellets Quality standards according to DIN Plus Energy potential approx. 5 KWH/ per kg Ash residue less than 0,7% Diameter 6 mm. Weight : more than 680 kg /m3. Sulphur contained : less than 0,04%. Fines : less than 0,3%.

    By Domoflor based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from 6 mm Premium Wood Pellets Product line

  • Wood Briquette (Pini Kay Briquette)

    Specifications: Size: 65 x 65 x 200mm . Moisture: 4.83% . Total ash: < 2% . Calorific value: 4,625 kcal/kg . Nitrogen: 0.011% m/m, Sulfur: 0.006%.

    By Marybesonwoodpellet based in Ivano-Frankivska obl, UKRAINE.

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