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Aviation Fuel equipment

  • Aviation Fuel

    Aviation fuel is used as a fuel for jet turbines in aircraft. Its quality and handling are extremely precisely defined in strict compliance with international standards.

    By Neste based in FINLAND. from Aviation Fuel Product line

  • Aviation Fuel Tote Tank

    Hoover provides transportable vertical and horizontal aviation tanks for the safe transport and storage of aviation fuel.  Hoover’s design integrates well into the designs of helifuel dispensing systems used worldwide and provides tanks in both horizontal and vertical designs.

    By Hoover Materials Handling Group based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Offshore Chemical Tanks Product line

  • Alternative Aviation Fuels

    It is the mission of Paradigm BioAviation to pioneer, develop, build and commercialize fully integrated production facilities for the conversion of waste-to-alternative jet fuel. This system would include associated delivery systems into an aircraft.

    By Paradigm BioAviation based in Illinois, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • JA Envirotanks - Aviation Fuel Tanks Enclosed Bunded

    Aviation Fuel Tanks Enclosed Bunded for aboveground use or Double skinned Cylindrical tanks for installation belowground. Suitable for jet a1 and avgas fuels, 2 x 600mm i/d manway covers (top), 1: 30 slope, sump for water drainage, internal lining or available with primary tank in stainless steel., support cradles, stainless steel pipework, ...

    By JA Envirotanks based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Cylindrical Tanks - Aboveground Product line

  • OMV - Model Jet A-1 - Fuel for High Achievers

    Huge turbines give the airplanes the power to fly. OMV Jet A-1 gives the turbines the power to rotate! Jet A-1 is a fraction of kerosine meeting very high demands, given its' physical properties, in respect of cold temperatures, combustion, stability and purity. Electrical conductivity is increased by adding additives. Without additives the ...

    By OMV based in Wien, AUSTRIA. from Aviation Product line

  • BSI - Model AV1102 - Fuel Loading Depots and Terminals

    Fuel Loading Depots and Terminals: Supply of Metering Units , Digital Head. Top Loading Arms, Bottom Loading Arms. Fuel Depot Automation. Installation , Commissioning and Training. Maintenance.

    By Bin Seddiq International based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Aviation Product line

  • OCV - Model 8101 - High Level Shut-Off Valve

    The Model 8101 is applicable anywhere it is necessary to automatically control the high level in storage tanks where the float pilot can be mounted inside the tank.

    By OCV Control Valves based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Aviation Fueling - High Level Shut-off Valves Product line

  • OCV - Model 66TS - Tank Safety Valve

    The Model 66TS Tank Safety Valve is designed to automatically isolate a fuel storage tank from its loading terminal or product transfer point. Hydraulically linked to the delivery pump, the valve is open only when the pump runs and is effectively producing pressure. The valve will automatically close when the pump is off, fails to produce ...

    By OCV Control Valves based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Aviation Fueling - High Level Shut-off Valves Product line

  • OCV - Model 8106 - High-Level Shut-Off Valve

    The Model 8106 is applicable anywhere it is necessary to automatically control the high level in storage tanks with floating pans, requiring that the float control be mounted on the exterior of the tank.

    By OCV Control Valves based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Aviation Fueling - High Level Shut-off Valves Product line

  • OCV - Model 8104 - High Level Shut-Off Valve

    The Model 8104 is applicable anywhere it is necessary to automatically control the high level in storage tanks where the float pilot can be mounted inside the tank.

    By OCV Control Valves based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Aviation Fueling - High Level Shut-off Valves Product line

  • Renewable Jet

    Similar to renewable diesel, many advanced biofuels companies plan to make a renewable jet fuel from a variety of feedstocks and technology applications.  Almost all of those who plan to do so will make jet fuels which will meet the current ASTM specifications for commercial or military use.  Jet Fuel is a kerosene-based fuel that may be ...

    By Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) based in Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA). from Fuels and Products Product line

  • In The Aircraft - Aviation Fuals

    The aircraft that fly in the Brazilian airspace are supplied at the airports and air clubs in Brazil with our fuel, world-renowned in the aviation segment. As the only producers in the domestic market, we market kerosene and aviation fuel to the distributors and guarantee not only the delivery, but the quality of these products pursuant to the ...

  • Aboveground Rectangular Storage Tanks

    Where a rectangular tank better suits the site requirements, CZ can supply these up to 200,000L in single skin or double skin construction. Internally or externally reinforced rectangular tanks can be designed in-house to suit specific client cr iteria. Supporting structures can also be designed and supplied to allow gravity feed. In-house lining ...

    By Cookson And Zinn (PTL) Limited based in Hadleigh, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks Product line

  • Defence, Aerospace and Security

    Problems are opportunities for which a solution(s) has yet to be discovered. For all problem cases, it is the application that drives and funnels the solution(s). As traditional technologies advance and cutting-edge products are created, these new programs demand reliable and safe advanced hydrogen solutions to fill the energy gaps.

    By Hydrogenics Corporation based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Fuel Cell Power Systems Product line

  • Model K33850 - Existent Gum Steam Generator

    Electrically heated boiler provides instantaneous and reserve steam capacity for steam-jet evaporation tests. Easy to install and operate; electrical heating eliminates the need for on-site fuel combustion. Requires only a water feed source and electrical hook-up. Ruggedly constructed, with long life industrial grade incoloy heating element. ...

    By Koehler Instrument Company Inc based in Holtsville, NEW YORK (USA). from Fuels Testing Equipment Product line

  • Model DR10 - Deposit Rater for Jet Fuel

    The Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test (Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine Fuels) ASTM D3241 is universally used by the industry to measure high temperature stability of aviation turbine fuels. The ASTM D3241 is required to be run on every batch of jet fuel produced according to ASTM D1655 or DEF STAN 91-91 specifications. In this test ...

    By DC Scientific Glass, Inc. based in Glen Burnie, MARYLAND (USA). from Petroleum Testing Equipment Product line

  • Oil Solutions - Clean up Fuel Oils and Hydrocarbons

    Oil Solutions” Is designed to clean up Fuel Oils and Hydrocarbons. It is harmless to our environment, animals, Fish, plant life or us. You can't mess this up, and you will not hurt any surfaces. This product will even take oil completely out of water, safely. Oil Solutions works on contact. As soon as Oil Solutions touches Fuel ...

    By ECO Distribution, Inc. based in San Carlos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Other Product line

  • Renewable Advanced Biofuels

    Sundrop Fuels converts syngas created from biomass into biobased 'green gasoline', diesel and aviation drop-in fuels for today’s engines using well-established commercial processes.

    By Sundrop Fuels, Inc. based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

  • Model D130, D1838, D4814, IP 227 , ISO 2160 - ASTM Copper Strip Corrosion Temperature Test Instruments

    Lawler offers a wide range of constant temperature test baths conforming to ASTM D130, D1838, D4048, D4814 Annex, IP227, and ISO 2160 copper corrosion tests for fuel and lubricants. Specify which test method(s) are desired for proper model selection. Pressure vessels are used for more volatile products like gasoline and aviation fuels versus the ...

    By Lawler Manufacturing Corporation based in Edison, NEW JERSEY (USA). from ISO Product line

  • Catalytic Glow Plugs

    PCI is developing catalytic glow plug technology to expand the capabilities of engines using heavy fuels, such as diesel or JP-8. These fuels are less volatile during transport and relatively easier to refine from petroleum than their traditional counterparts (e.g. aviation gasoline), but heavy fueled engines have historically been plagued by ...

    By Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) based in North Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Specialty Products Product line

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