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Tidal Turbine equipment

  • Model HS1000 - Tidal Turbines

    The HS1000 is a 1MW pre-commercial demonstrator deployed at the EMEC tidal test site in the Orkney Isles. The device is essentially a scaled up version of the HS300, with some changes made to accommodate the facilities at the EMEC tidal test site. The turbine is heavily instrumented and will serve as a platform for future research and development ...

    By ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest based in Hammerfest, NORWAY.

  • Tocardo - Model T2 - Tidal Turbine

    The T2 turbine is perfect for inshore and offshore tidal sites. The size and weight of the turbine are still limited compared to big 1 MW+ turbines, making it easier and cheaper to transport and install, which reduces project costs. Installing a 1 MW array of T2's will be cost competitive with a single 1 MW turbine, without the risks involved with ...

    By Tocardo based in Den Oever, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model SR 2000 - Tidal Turbine

    The SR2000 2MW is the largest and most powerful tidal turbine in the world. It has been designed to minimise the whole lifecycle cost of electricity production from tidal energy. Designed to DNV (Det Norske Veritas) standards with a 20 year design life, it incorporates components with proven reliability from the wind, gas and oil industries. The ...

    By Scotrenewables Tidal Power Ltd. based in Kirkwall, Orkney, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Tocardo - Model T3 - Tidal Turbine

    The T3 turbine is Tocardo’s first turbine exclusively designed for offshore tidal sites such as the Pentland Firth in the UK. Using the same core technology (direct drive generator, bidirectional blade) makes this a robust and reliable turbine. The T3 is in the final stages of development and testing, and will be available in the near ...

    By Tocardo based in Den Oever, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model HS300 - Tidal Turbines

    HS300 is a 300kW prototype installed at 50 meters depth in Kvalsund in Finnmark, Norway. The device has been through a complete deployment, operation, retrieval, maintenance and redeployment cycle, and has proven to be both efficient and reliable.

    By ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest based in Hammerfest, NORWAY.

  • MAKO - Tidal Turbines

    A new class of tidal turbine built from innovative design and engineering. Unlocking the true potential of ocean renewable energy.

    By MAKO Turbines Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • Tocardo - Model T1 - Tidal Turbine

    The T1 is the smallest in the Tocardo Turbine range. Its limited size and weight make it an ideal turbine for rivers and canals but also shallow tidal sites.

    By Tocardo based in Den Oever, NETHERLANDS.

  • Tocardo - Model R1 - Tidal Turbine

    The R1 turbine is similar to the T1 turbine used in tidal flows. The robust and innovative design enable a lifetime of 20 years under harsh conditions. The fixed, composite rotor is specially designed to withstand all the forces from strong and turbulent river flows and can deal with small debris. The R1 can be installed with Tocardo's standard ...

    By Tocardo based in Den Oever, NETHERLANDS.

  • Tidal Turbines

    The technology is developed from long experience of modern technology used in wind mills, subsea oil & gas production and in hydro-power plants. The technology has been thoroughly tested and has experienced regularity in delivering electricity to the power grid.

    By ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest based in Hammerfest, NORWAY.

  • Nova - Model M 100 - 100 kW Tidal Turbine

    The Nova M100 tidal turbine is a next generation device, which builds on the successful design, manufacture, testing and deployment of the 30 kW Nova 30 device. Although the device is three times more powerful than the Nova 30 it is only twice the cost. The Nova M100 was designed and planned following Nova Innovation's ...

    By Nova Innovation Ltd based in Leith, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model SR 250 - Large Scale Floating Tidal Turbine

    SR250 250 kW, the world’s first large scale floating tidal turbine.  The design incorporated all the learning achieved during development to date. The 35m turbine was constructed at Harland & Wolff Shipyards, Belfast and launched in early 2011 at the European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney. The SR250 has a 2-year test programme, ...

    By Scotrenewables Tidal Power Ltd. based in Kirkwall, Orkney, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Lockheed Martin - Model AR1500 - Tidal Power Turbine System

    The AR1500 is the latest tidal power turbine system under development at Atlantis. The AR1500 will have a rated capacity of 1.5MW at 3.0 m/s and will be designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions expected to be encountered in the Pentland Firth in Scotland and the Bay of Fundy in Canada. The detailed design of this cutting edge ...

    By Atlantis Resources Corporation based in Victoria, UNITED KINGDOM. from AR Series Product line

  • MSI - Tidal & Hydro Turbines

    As the world shifts its energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable sources, many innovators are looking to capture the kinetic energy of water in tidal currents and river flows.  While the technology is substantially less developed than that associated with wind power, the first large-scale experimental fixtures have recently been deployed ...

    By Mechanical Solutions Inc. Testing & Troubleshooting based in Whippany, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Tidal Power Turbine Systems

    Tremendous potential exists for clean energy in waves and tides. Lockheed Martin is leveraging its experience and expertise with maritime systems to design and develop tidal power systems.

    By Lockheed Martin based in Bethesda, MARYLAND (USA). from Energy Product line

  • Nova - Model 30 - 30kW Tidal Array Turbine

    Nova Innovation Ltd was commissioned by the North Yell Development Council to design, build and install a 30kW Nova 30 tidal turbine in the Bluemull Sound in Shetland. The tidal site is situated between Unst and Yell, the two most northerly inhabited islands in the UK.  The turbine was installed and commissioned in early 2014. It ...

    By Nova Innovation Ltd based in Leith, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • 2kW Turbine

    Ideal for use in a canals/rivers/existing Hydro Power Project (HPP) or for new micro power plants.Depth requirement of at least 2m.Velocity requirement of 1.2m/s to 4.2m/s

    By Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited based in Kothrud, INDIA. from Tidal & Marine Product line

  • TidalStream - Turbine

    The simplest way to develop tidal stream energy is to borrow from  horizontal axis wind turbines, where the technology, components and  know-how have been developed over the last 30 years. A tidal stream  turbine is just like a wind turbine underwater, except that the density  of seawater is 800 times greater than air, and flow ...

    By TidalStream Ltd. based in Southam, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ocean Power Tidal Fence Pump and Turbine (PaT)

    The RONAMIC Tidal Fence PaT is a typical application of the RONAMIC technology in Tidal Fence/Range Ocean Power. Because the RONAMIC positive displacement (hydrostatic) technology is highly scalable, this application can be delivered with rotors of 6 meters in diameter and 6 meters in length. Just as all other RONAMIC machines, the Tidal ...

    By Ronamic based in CW Noordwijk, NETHERLANDS.

  • Tidal Energy Technologies

    The technology required to convert tidal range energy into electricity is very similar to the technology used in traditional hydroelectric power plants. It requires building up a reservoir of certain head that will be continuously filled by turbine pumps operated by movement of large mass of water during the rising and ebbing tide. The water in ...

    By Hiro Energy-Tech Limited based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Triton - Tidal Energy Platform System

    TRITON is a tidal  energy platform system being developed by TidalStream Limited. It offers tidal turbine developers a deployment and operation system that could halve the cost for their turbines than can be provided by single installation systems. The platform is adaptable and a range of turbine types can be accommodated, providing the ...

    By TidalStream Ltd. based in Southam, UNITED KINGDOM.

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