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- Model LPS - Power System


The LucidPipe Power System generates environmentally-friendly hydropower with no impact on water delivery. Unique, spherical turbines are installed inside large-diameter (24” – 60”) gravity-fed water transmission pipelines. The turbines spin as water passes through them, converting excess head pressure into electricity. Multiple turbines can be mounted in series, one after the other, to maximize energy output.

Unlike conventional hydropower* and in-pipe PRV replacement** technologies, the LucidPipe Power System does not inhibit water delivery and operates in a wide range of pipe diameters and pressure/flows.

* Conventional hydropower technologies have been adapted for in-pipe applications, but are not suitable for use in water transmission pipelines because they deplete 95% of the pressure and usually require bypass loops.

** In-pipe pressure reduction valve (PRV) replacement technologies extract significant pressure and are not suitable for use in large-diameter water transmission pipes where pressure and flow velocity must be maintained.

Return On Investment

Electricity generated by the LucidPipe Power System can be used behind the meter or sold to energy utilities through power purchase agreements (PPA). The target Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is between $0.05 and $0.12 per kilowatt hour, depending on local energy rates and other project financing factors. Target project payback is 10 years.

Is The LucidPipe Power System right for you?

The LucidPipe Power System is designed for use by water utilities that have:

  • Gravity-fed water delivery pipelines
  • Large (24” to 60” diameter) pipes with flow and pressure matched to turbine size
  • Excess pressure available to be removed
  • Planned pipeline repair or installation, or above-ground location
  • Grid connection for sale of electricity through power purchase agreements, or
  • Off-grid connection for behind-the-meter use, distributed energy, battery charging

  • Hydropower that doesn’t harm ecosystems
  • Can generate consistent, predictable energy 24/7
  • No impact on water delivery
  • Turns excess pressure into a revenue stream through power purchase agreements
  • Provides grid-connected or off-grid power
  • Use for distributed electricity, peak-energy and battery charging

Water Origin & Pressure

Water from snow and rainfall fills remote reservoirs, feeding pipelines that move water to the point-of-use. As the water flows downhill, gravity creates pressure in the pipeline that is normally relieved by pressure-reducing valves.

LucidPipe Power System

The LPS can be placed in-line in the pipes of a water transmission network, and can generate electricity from excess pressure in the pipeline, reducing the work done by pressure-reducing valves.


The point-of-use for the water is the customers of the water utility. The LucidPipe Power System is “invisible,” that is, it does not affect water delivery.

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