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- Model 90 - Mechanical Drive Package



The Mars® gas turbine has been engineered for very high reliability and durability as well as ease of maintenance. Like Solar's other gas turbine families, Mars gas turbines are available for compressor, generator, and mechanical-drive applications.

  • Power: 13,220 hp
  • Heat Rate: 7655 Btu/hp-hr
  • Exhaust Flow: 318,755 lb/hr
  • Exhaust Temperature: 870ºF
  • SoLoNOx: Yes

  • Original Mars 90 Introduced in 1977
  • High Efficiency, Simple-Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Designed for Long-Life Industrial Applications
  • Low Dry Emissions (Optional)
  • Designed-In Maintainability
  • 30-Year Core Engine Service Life
  • 30,000 Hours; Time Between Overhaul (TBO) Interval

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