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Model 3,000-5,000kg - Electric Tugger



Regenerative braking: The regenerative braking control system can take the kinetic energy during braking and transform it into electrical energy for storage in the batter. It increases endurance mileage, reduces brake pad wear, and reduces the failure rate of the tugger. Most of all, it reduces the operating cost of the equipment. Electronic control system: The electronic control system is sensitive so that the driver can control the tugger freely. The reliability is high. There are optional controllers supplied by Cutris/ZAPI/PG.

Multifunctional handle from FREI, Germany
The multifunctional handle is imported from Germany. The operators can control the moving speed easily by adopting this handle. The handle has an emergency reversing button which can effectively protect the operators from being hurt in accident. The handle can realize braking both in vertical and horizontal position, thus improving tugger safety.

Side loading and unloading of storage battery can realize easy maintenance and changing of batteries. There are optional batteries from suppliers including FAMM, GS, HOPPECKE, Trojan.

Emergency power-off switch: the power can be rapidly cut off in emergency to ensure safety.

Basic information

  • Load: 3000/5000 kg
  • Certificate: CE/SGS/ISO9001

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