Model 50 - Pellet Hot Air Heater



Heater Features: Adjustable power output from 15 - 55kW. Combustion eficiency up to 96 %.

  • Certified fuels: wood pellets made according to norm ENplus (A1, A2, B), olive stones
  • Other usable fuels: plant pellets, paper pellets, mustard, canola, sunflower, residues from cleaning of cereals, oats, peat pellets and other agricultural products

  • Length- 2050mm (including burner)
  • Wide - 757mm
  • Height - 1600mm
  • Weight circa 580kg

  • Considerable savings in investment costs (no need to install radiators, hot water lines or storage tanks)
  • You do not have to heat all year round - no frost system 
  • Possibility of easy transfer of the Heater to another location
  • Easy and quick installation
  • The possibility distribution of hot air in air hose (Heater could be seated outside the heated object)

Automatic Operation of MultiBio Burners

MultiBio burners operate automatically within the wide output range - including automatic rapid ignition (2 - 5 minutes). The operator of the burner just adds fuel and removes ash.

Environmental Friendliness of MultiBio Burners

MultiBio burners feature precise control of air and fuel supply, with an operating temperature inside the burner of up to 1,200°C. The high combustion temperature guarantees low emissions, without producing any odor or aggressive compounds. MultiBio burners do not make use of the problematic stand-by mode, in which the fuel continues to smolder, and thus any unpleasant smell from the chimney is eliminated. The burner operates within the highest environmental emissions class, with almost zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Ability of MultiBio Burners to Handle Agglomerating Ash Sinters

MultiBio burners can easily handle agglomerating ash. The design of the cylindrical rotary chamber rolls any agglomerate away into the ashtray during the combustion process, without causing the operator of the burner any difficulties. Agricultural material cannot be combusted in simple or retort burners without encountering problems.

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