Aviation power control Co. Ltd(APC)

Model 50KW - Modular Inverter


The modular inverters developed by our company are easy to maintain and expanse , and use advanced MPPT technology so as to stable power generation capacity.

  • Maximum output power: 52.5 KW, Maximum efficiency: 98.1%
  • Adopting modular design for easy maintenance and expansion, as well as lower initial investment, and the system is stable, efficient, and safe
  • Maximum power point tracking and automatically shutdown aiming to improve system efficiency and power quality
  • Protection for islanding and low voltage ride through
  • Equipped with touch screen visualization, monitoring software in the background and the signal output interfaces for daily management
  • Outdoor design (IP20), and IP50 at  air inlet, suited for desert, the Gobi and other harsh environments
  • High power per unit to reduce transportation costs, and is easy to transport, installation, commissioning and maintenance

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