Geothermal Systems of Lapeer LLC

Model 9.8KW - Electric Back Up Heater


Included in each unit is a 9.8kw electric backup unit. If the geothermal is sized properly the electric backup only comes on occasionally as needed for example, when temperatures dip, or wind chills are high. The annual heating cost we project is including the use of electric back up heat as needed. The unit has a 20 minute time delay so that after 20 minutes of operation, if the geothermal does not reach the desired temperature on the thermostat, it will call for help from the electric backup heater. This is why it is important to follow manufacturers recommendation to keep the thermostat set at the same temperature instead of setting it back and forth. The geothermal cannot increase the temperature 10 degrees within 20 minutes therefor it is more cost effective to set it and leave it alone.

A back up generator can be wired to the electric back up heater in case of an electric outage, but not suggested to be wired to the compressor. Our 10 year parts and labor warranty covers all internal parts, not just some.

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