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Model A340-200 - Aircraft

As the A340 Family’s shortest-fuselage member, the A340-200 has a capacity of 261 passengers in a typical three-class layout. With its optimal range of 6,700 nautical miles, this jetliner allows airlines to open long-range, direct routes between city pairs that previously needed intermediate stops.

Airbus launched the A340-200 in 1987 as a new-generation aircraft ideal for long and thin routes, with a special emphasis on travel over water and across remote areas far from airports. It entered into commercial service in March 1993, and is powered by four efficient CFM International CFM56-5C4 engines that provide a thrust of 34,000 lb.

Using the optimised 222-inch Airbus widebody cross-section, the A340-200 combines passenger cabin comfort and lower-deck cargo hold efficiency with minimum weight and aerodynamic drag.  In a six-abreast premium seating in first or business class, all high-yield passengers have a window or aisle seat, while an eight-abreast economy layout offers better comfort than competing aircraft.

All in the family

Like all members of Airbus’ family of modern jetliners, the A340-200 features many key innovations – including fuel-saving aerodynamics and advanced weight-saving materials such as carbon fibre; while commonality across the Airbus family of fly-by-wire aircraft brings important reductions in training and maintenance costs.

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