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Model AL-2 Agro - Biogas Deflaker


AL -2 is the manufactuer of the AL-2 Agro Deflaker. ER-Sales is proud to be a USA distributor for this product and all of AL-2's product line. AL-2 Agro A/S has start 'factory sale' of liquid slurry separation. Marketing and sales of the familiar AL-2 Slurry/Manure Separators become in the future handled by the company behind the separation plants. AL-2 Agro A/S was founded in autumn 2008 with the aim to focus on the agricultural products produced by AL-2 Teknik A/S. Today there is a considerable interest for AL-2 products from several countries, especially the U.S., where phosphorus in liquid slurry is a major challenge.

5 reasons to AL-2 plants are the best selling slurry separator in Denmark.

  • 35 - 50% reduction in nitrogen
  • 70 - 100 m3 methane per ton fiber fraction
  • >90% of the original nitrogen in the fiber fraction
  • 40 - 95% of phosphorus in the fiber fraction (adjustable)
  • Development through 15 years has made the process and technology is extremely robust and reliable

Room for more animals

  • Area requirement is reduced by 25 percent by using AL-2 manure/slurry separator.
  • 30 to 40% of nitrogen is in the fiber fraction.
  • Each time you run four tons of fiber fractions away from the property, you are moving an animal unit.

The pure biogas

  • Fiber fraction quadrupled the capacity of the biogas plant compared to ordinary pig manure. This makes the addition of animal fat redundant. It is both an advantage for you who produce biogas and the common biogas plants.
  • Transportation costs for the common biogas plants will be drastically reduced. In a medium large plant with a consumption of 130,000 cubic meters of liquid slurry, they can reduce their cargo from 20 daily shipments by tanker to two loads of almost odorless fiber a day.
  • The high phosphorous content of the degassed biomass makes it extremely valuable as a fertilizer for plant breeders.


  • The plant can pump crude slurry from the existing tank / slurry tank.
  • There must be a tank to Fertilizers water, this may be a Lagoon, and there is very limited use for stirring, because the liquid is free of particles.
  • Fiber fraction snails easily to container or consolidated storage

Built on experience

  • 15 years of experience and more than 500 sales of plants for the separation of wastewater and sludge from the industry, has made AL-2 to a lead actor on the Danish market for separation with band pass filters.
  • 7 years of intensive and focused development makes AL-2 separation plants Denmark's best-selling plants for the separation of liquid slurry.
  • Different Farm Test conducted by the Land Center of Agriculture in Denmark and Foulum makes the AL-2 system for Denmark's most well-documented system for liquid slurry separation.
  • The tests and more than 40 sales of plants worldwide is the guarantee that the AL-2 system for slurry separation is effective, even in practice!
  • The plants are simple and built in PE plastic and stainless steel, this makes the plants have very long life and are easy to clean.
  • The plants are also available as a mobile unit so different farmers can share the same plant or a farm with production in several locations can use the plant throughout the production.
  • The well-tested technology ensures high reliability and very little time for supervision.
  • These plants are available in 3 sizes, from 1 to 30 cubic meters / hour
  • These plants are suitable for all types of liquid slurry by up to 10% solids. Acidifying slurry and degassed biomass are the plants also extremely well suited for.
  • Service at a fixed price at all type of plants, we offer a 5 year service including all wearing parts and additives.

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