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Zakłady Maszynowe Hamech Sp z o.o.

Model AZZP - 180 - Burner



AZZP-180 type burner is used to burn the following types of fuel: wood waste in form of wood chips, pellet, sawdust with moisture of 40%. Max. granulation of fuel is 30 mm. The device can cooperate with open system central heating boilers. Fuel from the tank is fed into the burner with ceramic lining by means of a driven worm conveyor. Fuel gasification takes place in the burner located in the boiler's combustion chamber. Their burning goes on in there as well. Then the gases flow from the combustion chamber to exchanger.

Process of combustion in the burner should be preceded by ca. an hour long heating up of the chamber. This is possible owing to electric heating elements installed in the burner's chamber ceramic lining. Once the first fuel portion is fed to the furnace, an air fan is turned on at low power, and the lighter located in the body lights up the fuel with air. As desired glow temperature is reached, the device enters continuous combustion process. The lighter is turned off, the burner feeds the required fuel portion, fans blow the air for optimal combustion.

Once combustion phase is over, the device damps the flame. The burner stops feeding the fuel, and the fans damp the flame, while the furnace is cleaned from ash remains by the grate motion.

The device has a photocell installed so that the entire combustion process can be supervised.

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