Model BES - Plug Flow Digestion Plant



OWS has also developed the BES-Plugflow digestion technology. It is a horizontal plug-flow digester constructed in concrete. Although working at a lower total solids-content than the DRANCO-FARM technology, the DRANCO principle (first-in, first out) and OWS standards can be found in this technology.

The BES-Plugflow technology is a cross-over between the DRANCO-FARM technology and a conventional continuously stirred tank-reactor.

BES-Plugflow characteristics

  • horizontal digester in concrete
  • total solids content between 5 and 15% in the digester
  • plug-flow digestion (first-in, first-out)
  • mesophilic or thermophilic operating temperature
  • intensive recirculation (~ DRANCO-FARM)
  • slow turning paddle stirrers
  • modular concept

The BES-Plugflow process has some significant advantages:

  • minimal retention time for semi-solid feedstocks
  • optimal degassing inside the digester
  • optimal heat- and material distribution inside the digester
  • low electricity consumption
  • limited height (< 11m)
  • short construction period

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