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Model C Series - High Power Capacitor-Charging Supply



Advanced Energy’s UltraVolt High Power C series of regulated DC-to-DC supplies is optimal for laser, cap-charging, pulsed power, pulse generator, and test equipment applications.

  • Maximum Output Voltage/Power: 60 kV DC/250 W
  • Type: Single output
  • Ripple: < 10,000 ppm
  • Control Interface: Analog
  • Temperature Coefficient: To 25 ppm/⁰C

The UltraVolt High Power C series features 17 highly efficient models that range from 125 to 60,000 VDC. They are available in single-output positive or negative polarities. Benefit from up to 250 W of fast-rise charging power with less than 1% overshoot from a 24 VDC input. Easily control and monitor high voltage output and current from one of the several available analog interfaces. The High Power C series is a smart choice for applications needing greater than 30 W of high power density.

  • Reduce system footprint and simplify packaging requirements
  • Achieve higher system throughput with quick capacitor charging
  • Minimize stress on storage capacitors, enhance system reliability, simplify product design
  • Provide more responsive and adaptable control of high voltage capacitor charging
  • Expand mechanical integration and interconnection possibilities

  • Fast-rise charging power delivered from an optimized design
  • Limited overshoot, typically less than 1% of high voltage setpoint, depending on the application
  • High power-to-package size ratio
  • Full-featured analog interface includes voltage/current controls and monitors
  • Selection of electrical and mechanical integration options

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