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Model FA II - Closed-combustion Automatic Biogas Flare


The FAII biogas flare is an automatic, enclosed gas flare for combustion of biogas and other combustible gases, fully complying with the widely applied German air pollution regulation TA Luft. +500 references in more than 50 countries witness the robustness of our FAII flares! Available in a rage of 20 - 3.000 Nm3/h, at various pressures. Highly customizable for very particular project requirements.

Main features:

High-quality materials: Combustion chamber AISI 316 Ti, substructure AISI 304

High-quality, German-made fittings from renowned manufacturers (Ebro, Kromschöder...) holding relevant certificates (DVGW, ATEX...)

Automatic ignition and flame control through UV-sensor, controlled by a PLC inside its own switch board -

 easy integration into plant main control though potential-free contacts or profibus

Pilot burner for stable combustion even at low CH4 contents, using biogas or LPG.

Air-Biogas pre-mix leading to a complete combustion using injector burners

Optional ceramic insulation for endurance burning

Configuration for elevated H2S content in the biogas

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