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Model FW 50+ / FW 60+ - Concealed Toughened Blind Solar Shading (CTB)



Schüco CTB (concealed toughened blind) solar shading is external shading that is integrated into the façade and offers exceptionally high wind stability up to 30 m/s. The solar shading is constructed from micro aluminium louvre blades. Optimal shading is possible and at the same time a high level of transparency provides outside views. Operated using a 230 V motor, the awning can be concealed in the façade for a cohesive façade appearance. As a façade-mounted system, Schüco CTB solar shading can also be mounted on Schüco FW 50+ and FW 60+ façades and the Schüco AWS windows system. The extruded aluminium louvre blades can be perfectly incorporated into the external design of the building as their outer surfaces can be anodised.

Schüco CTB solar shading can withstand high wind loads and can be installed almost irrespective of wind conditions. The awning was installed in the Schüco façade and aerodynamically tested in a wind tunnel (Rail Tec Arsenal vehicle testing institute, Vienna). The tests proved not only the wind stability but also correct functioning with wind speeds of up to 30 m/s. That is equivalent to a force 11 wind, a gale-force storm.

The gtotal values for Schüco CTB solar shading were measured by the ift in Rosenheim. Depending on the angle of the sun, the total solar energy transmittance gtotal was calculated. In summer, with the sun at 50º, less than 2% of the sun‘s energy entered the room. This provides effective protection against heat build-up in the rooms and signifi cantly reduces spending on cooling.

Solar shading and façade are inextricably linked on a building. In practice, however, these are two separate constructions, which results in the appearance of a façade being restricted by solar shading headboxes. Schüco CTB solar shading represents a new design option for the façade.It is the first solar shading that is fully integrated into the façade and offers exceptionally high wind stability.

  • Fully integrated solar shading without a façade-mounted fascia
  • Can be used as an integrated solution on Schüco Façade FW 50+ / FW 60+
  • Integrated blind guide in the façade pressure plates
  • Wind stability up to 30 m/s guarantees solar shading even on windy days and in tall buildings
  • Protection from heat in summer due to complete shading from when the sun is at an angle of 20°
  • The blind has a high level of transparency, ensuring good views to the outside at all times
  • The special louvre blade shape directs diffuse light inside and ensures pleasant room lighting

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