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Model HV Rack Series - Rack-Mount, High Voltage Power Systems



Advanced Energy's High Voltage (HV) Rack configurable power systems allow you to independently control and monitor each output channel.

  • Maximum Output Voltage/Power: 40 kV DC/1000 W
  • Type: Up to four configurable output channels 
  • Control Interface: Analog

Accurately control and measure your high voltage power supplies and HV system performance. HV Rack configurable power systems enable you to select, control, and monitor your high voltage power supplies within each output channel.  You can select power supplies from Advanced Energy's UltraVolt’ s A, C, E, High Power C, and FIL series.

  • Power up to four power supplies
  • Adjust voltage and current on each channel
  • Ensure proper filament operation for maximum performance and precision
  • Reduce voltage to 0 VDC
  • Increase channel power (up to 1000 W) via parallel units

  • Up to four configurable high-voltage outputs
  • Ideal for various beam applications
  • Cand provide floating filament 0 to 5 VDC/0 to 3 Amps when used with the FIL5V-3A
  • Current mode and voltage mode indicator
  • Several options and unites

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