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Model MVS - Fast Charging System



AeroVironment’s Energy Technology Center developed a fast charge system that charges both high voltage and low voltage electric vehicles simultaneously. The system is able to rapidly charge up to 10 vehicles, ranging from Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (48V), to Ground Support Equipment (80V), to personnel vans and buses (400V), at the same time. This approach allows for maximum use of the charger during normal operation, as compared to other charging systems where only a fraction of the charger’s rated power is used during equalization processes. This approach also minimizes infrastructure requirements for a dedicated charging system for each voltage level. The system consists of one PowerServer supplying a DC source to the 5 PowerStations that interface with the vehicles.

Each PowerStation can interface with 2 vehicles and provide individual monitoring and control. The entire system is designed to satisfy NEMA 3X rating and is suitable for outdoor use. Proprietary charging algorithms enable the system to charge different batteries at the same time and in a safe manner.

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