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Model OL1K Series - AC-to-HVDC 1 kW Power Supplies



The OL1K Series offers a range of 1 kW single-output, high voltage power supplies. It efficiently meets the demanding requirements found in ion implantation, X-ray equipment, and electron and ion beam systems.

  • Max Output Voltage/Power: 60 kV/1 kW
  • Ripple: < 1000 ppm (0.06 Vpp)
  • Control Interface: Analog or digital
  • Temperature Coefficient: < 200ppm/°C

Advanced Energy’s OL1K Series features power switching IGBTs to ensure efficient, reliable operation over the full operating range — even in challenging electrical environments. The OL1K series is fitted with an analog remote-control interface as standard, but units are also available with digital control interfaces.

  • Enable significant rack-space savings via compact construction
  • Reduce maintenance and safety risks with innovative self-protection arcing system
  • Solve for 24 x 7 production processes where high reliability and performance are paramount
  • Reduce cost with flexible output options; select only required high voltage capabilities

  • High power density — 60 kV, 1 kW in 2U format
  • Unique Arc Count and Extinguish (ACE) system for managing load arcing
  • Efficient and reliable operation
  • Choice of 9 different models or customer-defined derivatives upon request
  • CE marked for EU LV Directive 73/23/EEC

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