Model SE 632X OGZ - Multi Functional Controller



The SE 632X OGZ, with its 13 outputs and 13 inputs, is perfectly suitable also for complex heating systems. This controller can easily be adjusted to the most various facility conditions. Thanks to the extensive functionality a selection of pre-defined types for heat sources with or without protection needs, different modes for heating circuits i.e. mixed, direct with or without cooling, DHW preparation modes, and as a special feature, a function for the integration of standard solar systems are already integrated.

In order to expand the heating circuit or to integrate further alternative energy sources, up to 7 TEM controllers can be linked via the eBUS.

The SE 632X OGZ can easily be programmed using the TEM master remote controls MB 6100 and MB 6400 with their clear menu structure. Operation is self explanatory, all parameters are shown as text. The nominal and actual temperatures can thus quickly be displayed, operating modes selected using direct buttons and functions can be comfortably edited and activated.

For the SE 6324 OGZ in addition the wireless coordinator CO 6210RF an be connected and can be operated with the TEM wireless devices and the wireless outdoor sensors.

Integrated functions

  • Control of a two-stage heat generator or   two one-stage heat generators
  • 2 heating circuits (outdoor temperature     compensated)
  • Switching for cooling
  • DHW preparation
  • Circulation pump control
  • Integration of burner control
  • Storage tank management
  • Cascade management
  • Energy management

Models and equipment

  • 13 electro-mechanical outputs for the control of    valves or pumps
  • 13 sensor inputs
  • Input / output for set points
  • eBus communication interface

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