Model SL 835DT - Controls and Current Safety System



With its charming design, intuitive controls and current safety systems, SL835 is the evolution of SL35 and it is a machine that is essential for landscaping and construction professionals, innovative for agriculture and breeding and a real investment for municipalities and for medium–small enterprises.

Thanks to the innovative design of the driver’s seat we increased the space available for the operator. We also payed much attention to offer a great comforts while driving : steering wheel, controls , levers are conveniently located to be achieved easly and to grant a relaxing position even after many hours of driving. The ergonomic and profiled seat is equipped with adjustable shock absorbing suspension considering the operator’s weight.
The digital dashboard with backlights gives you information about all the machines’ set-ups. It pre-alerts also with a flashing-light when it’s time for the maintenance-coupons. It is also equipped with a tipping-load acoustic device.

A standard joystick with 11 functions allows an easy control of the telescopic boom in all its functions and of the output of the oil (high/low). A safety power button is included too.
  • The self-levelling system keeps the load automatically levelled for a better stability and for safer operations.
  • The tipping sensor device, with both acoustic and optical signal, alerts the operator when the vehicle is about to tip.
  • The design of the machine provides a total visibility of the attachment to the operator while is working.
  • SL800 is standard equipped with a certified ROPS ISO 3471 roll-bar with hard topb (steel and Plexiglas®).
  • Over 177 attachments are available to offer the best solution to any demand.
  • The Multione quick-coupling plate is equipped with a fully patented fastening-unfastening system that can be activated directly while seating inside the vehicle.
  • The SL800 hydraulic system has been projected to transfer the power of the engine to the attachment. It is handled by separated circuits, totally controlled by the joystick that enables the operator to check the oil flow to be sent to the attachment. This system ensures top performances even under heavy duty conditions.
  • Multione SL800 is equipped with electric outputs to enable the machine to those attachments and valves on applications requiring a multiple function. Such switch is located directly on the dashboard.
Telescopic boom
The “double H” structure of the boom allows to keep the goods always close to the machine and enable the machine to lift up to two tons. It is extremely reliable and it grants always an excellent visibility even with the telescopic boom completely extended. Special sliding pads avoid any friction during the extension of the telescopic boom, providing smooth operations. The boom is controlled by the joystick that can be extended or retracted by pushing a button.
Stability, transmission, engine
A perfect weight distribution makes SL800 very steady, balanced and safe in any condition. The rigid-articulation, one of the best feature of Multione, increases the stability of the vehicle during lifting operations that can benefit of the weight of the machine as a counterweight. At the same time it allows you to drive with the machine in tight spaces and to reach any point in the work zone.

Multione SL800 is standard equipped with proportional hydrostatic transmission with servo-controls. The transmission is maintenance-free and the 4 hydraulic “Heavy Duty” motors delivers high torque in any condition.
SL800 is powered by 4 direct drive wheel motors. The Dynamic Block System (DBS) avoids to damage delicate surfaces and it increases the traction on rough terrain. The articulation of Multione improves the maneuverability in very narrow spaces.

SL800 is powered by Yanmar diesel engines with 33Hp or 40Hp. Both engines are fuel direct injection with high torque and low rpm for great performances. They are “green” emissions certified and low fuel consumption. The may be equipped (referring to the engines) with catalysator and particulate filter for applications in public areas or places with poor ventilation.
Multione SL800 is a true “all year around” machine. With its cabin it can be used during winter time when climate condition requires a warm and comfortable driving-room!
The top class ergonomic design makes of Multione Cab the perfect solution for cold or wet weather. The cabin is ROPS certified and grants a perfect visibility with a “sunroof “ hard top.

The cabin for SL800 is available with:
  • Sunroof: standard
  • Compass -opening window: standard
  • 3-way heating system with adjustable flows: standard
  • Radio with Mp3 incorporated: on request
  • Heated seat: on request
Thanks to special weather strips the cabin is perfectly sealed from seepages of water, from drafts and from noises too. The glasses mounted are blue-tinted heatless-glass.

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