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Model SNS - End Suction Single Stage Pump


The SNS end suction single stage pump range has been designed to exceed the highest energy efficiency regulations across all industries and also the design requirements of ISO 5199 international standard. The innovative design makes the pump more reliable while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

Main benefits
  • The SNS process pump range not only meets the ErP (Energy-related Products) criteria, but breaks all records by exceeding MEI 0.7 requirements (Minimum Efficiency Index) 
  • The highest efficiency on the process pump market providing clear savings in energy consumption
  • Highest hydraulic power on the process pump range. The SNS pump provides increased flow and a higher head than a conventional pump
  • Low energy consumption due to high efficiency
  • Low spare part costs due to high standardization
  • Low installation and maintenance costs due to easy installation and unique design
Main applications
  • Clean and slightly contaminated liquids
  • Viscous liquids
  • Fibrous slurries
Main design features
  • Innovative, high efficiency, low NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head required) impeller
  • Optimized shaft sealing chamber and innovative patent pending balancing holes guarantee ideal conditions for the shaft seal maximizing its life time
  • Innovative and reliable patent pending integrated Sulzer mechanical seals for trouble free shaft sealing
  • Heavy duty, rigid and compact bearing units with long bearing life and leakage free construction
  • Modular design minimizes the spare part inventory cost

Capacities: Capacity up to 1,400 m3/h / 6,000 USgpm
Heads: Head up to 160 m / 525 ft
Pressures: Pressure up to 16 bar / 230 psi
Temperatures: Temperature up to 120 °C / 250 °F
Discharge sizes: Discharge sizes from 25 mm / 1 in to 125 mm / 5 in
Maximum speed of rotation: Speed of rotation up to 3,600 rpm
Performance range: SNS centrifugal pumps have large and tight hydraulic coverage to satisfy the process requirements of versatile general and industrial applications.

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