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As the world shifts its energy supply from fossil fuels to renewable sources, many innovators are looking to capture the kinetic energy of water in tidal currents and river flows.  While the technology is substantially less developed than that associated with wind power, the first large-scale experimental fixtures have recently been deployed at various locations world-wide.  However, there is still much debate over the best way to extract energy from naturally occurring flowing water: shrouded vs. unshrouded turbines, fixed vs. swiveling fixtures, floating vs. anchored, a few large turbines vs. a large array of small turbines, and so on.

MSI’s engineers have vast experience working with turbines of all sizes and variations as well as performing computational fluid dynamics analyses on a host of diverse applications.  Equipped and trained with state-of-the-art commercial software such as ANSYS, CFX, and CFTurbo, MSI can analyze and optimize your hydro turbine design for maximum energy output at a specific site installation.

MSI’s broad history of solving turbomachinery problems can further give your hydro turbine the competitive edge by ensuring your design can stand up to harsh underwater environments for a profitable operating lifespan.

Have a novel concept for a new hydro turbine design?  MSI can perform a design analysis and optimization to maximize hydro turbine efficiency and energy output before you invest in prototyping and testing.

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