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- Flexible Lithium-Ion Energy Storage System



Just the right combination of flexibility and power for larger systems that may be planned for configuration in the future: The scaleable and ready to operateneeoSystem includes a control cabinet, which is equipped with a variable amount of individualneeoRack storage units. The system can be tailored to meet your storage requirements with the size of the control cabinet and the number of racks.

This enables even a photovoltaic-, wind-, or hydropower system with above-average performance capacity, to store the energy generated with nearly no loss for implementation at a later time.

As a result, you can always respond to current market developments, as well as new laws and provisions. In addition, you have the option of feeding generated excess power back into the grid at the exact time it is needed, therefore increasing profits.

TheneeoSystem can be supplied with an integrated ventilation or air conditioning system on request.

  • Ideal for large photovoltaics, wind energy & hydropower as well as UPS systems
  • Environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery technology
  • More safety & performance with simultaneous cost optimization
  • Scaleable system design
  • Easy extension
  • 10-year warranty*
  • 5,000 cycles**
  • Up to 20 years service life (at 20°C)
  • Made in Germany
  • Up to 98% efficiency
  • Stand-alone capacity (no central unit required)
  • Intrinsically safe (two-pole switch-off in case of fault)
  • Integrated fanless cooling (passive)
  • Integrated battery management
    • Voltage- and temperature monitoring
    • Charge balance between the cells
    • State of charge determination
    • Determination of the ageing status
    • CAN communication with the charger
    • No memory effect = unrestricted partial cycling
  • Developed according to DIN EN 50272, DIN EN 62620, DIN EN 61427, DIN EN 61508, IEC 62620, UN 38.3
  • Compatible with inverters of various manufacturers, e.g. SMA

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