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- Hybrid Solar/Energy Storage System


A Simpler Way To Integrate Battery Storage With Solar. Nextronex patent-pending technology offers the benefits of coupling battery storage with PV Solar in a simpler system with lower conversion losses and reduced captial cost. This system can smooth the cloud transients, shift the peak output to better match the peak load, and offer grid stability via demand response. The Nextronex approach offers the advantage of a streamlined system: lower conversion losses, higher reliability, fewer components and lower cost.

With Nextronex Distributed Architecture™, battery storage can be added in thedesign phase or retrofitted into existing systems. Nextronex Distributed Architecture™ System includes a Smart Controller, which manages the power flows, and provides the data to our cloudbased remote monitoring. The Nextronex Power Podium™ is skidded, factory-wired, and pre-commissioned for quick and easy field installation and no need for enclosures or HVAC.

Higher Efficiency Patent-Pending Technology
Nextronex patent-pending technology enables the batteries to be charged by the power from the solar array without conversion to and from AC, nor from DC to DC and back to DC again.

  • The result is higher efficiency utilization of the PV power and reduced capital expense
  • When charging from the Grid, the peak 98% Inverter efficiency is maintained

Benefits of Adding Energy Storage

  • Reduce demand charges and peak pricing costs
  • Sell power at peak prices with peak shifting
  • Sell on-demand storage to grid
  • Integrate multiple onsite power sources
  • Smooth PV power production
  • Control renewable energy ramping and voltage
  • Reduce peak demand charges

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