- High Performance Nickel Cadmium Alkaline Battery



The Clear Case Nickel Cadmium battery is designed to provide backup battery power to support various critical applications. HDV NiCad Clear Case models are available for very high discharge rates. The impact-resistant clear case allows the user to easily observe electrolyte levels, as the batteries require minimal topping throughout their life cycle. Each battery is delivered in charged condition filled with electrolyte. For unique battery system requirements, custom designed battery racks can be constructed. Access our AlphaRac™ Sizing Tool.

Standard Warranty: 5yr full plus 15yr prorated
Service Life: 20 yr
Range of Capacity: 10 to 450Ah
Time of Discharge: 1sec to 1hr
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 30°C (-36 to 90°F)
Terminal Type Threaded Nickel Plated Post

  • High performance alkaline storage battery
  • Cells do not emit any corosive fumes and can be placed near delicate electrical equipment
  • Strong, impact-resistant container protects against shocks and vibrations
  • Wide operating temperature range from -20 to 50°C / -4 to 122°F
  • 20-year proven design life
  • 5-year full warranty

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