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- Hydraulic Chute


Vertical sides allow cattle to move into the chute easily and stand in a relaxed, natural position. Automatically adjusts to any size animal as chute is squeezed. No climbing sides or excessive slipping. Neck panels swing out for neck vaccinations or branding. Additional access doors/panels provide easy access for branding, clipping, foot work, milking, and cesareans. Reversible head sweep. Heavy, rugged construction. Powder coated for durability. Standard Rancher Hydraulic Chute includes:  Brisket  Bar, Calf Wings, Top-mounted Electric Power Unit - 220V 1Ph or 380V 3Ph (Remote Gasoline Power Unit Available), Hydraulic Head Sweep, Hydraulic Head Gate, Hydraulic Tail Gate, Controls Mounted to Top Frame at Shoulder Level (Drop Arm Controls Available), Neck Doors, and Double Side Exits.

Overall Height: 86.5'
Overall Width: 44'
Overall Length: 8'9'

Open Width: 30'
Closed Width: 9'
Side Height: 70.5'

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