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- High-Efficiency Generators for Small Hydro


Potencia Industrial designs and manufactures hydroelectric generators up to 30 MW, vertical and horizontal, suitable for Kaplan, Pelton and Francis turbines, for high or low speeds, with overspeed capacity up to over 200% nominal with high axial thrust. In the last 5 years we supplied over 60 MW of hydroelectric generators, installed at various hydro sites around the globe. We know that high efficiency and reliability are crucial for hydroelectric generation. This is why our state of the art hydrogenerators are built under the most stringent specifications and according to the needs of each site.

Some Generator Types We Manufacture

  • High-Efficiency (over 96%) brushless synchronous generators, 2 to 40+ poles
  • High-Efficiency (over 97%) permanent magnet generators, 2 to 40+ poles
  • High-Efficiency (over 96%) induction generators

Some of our innovative designs include variable-speed generators for hydroelectric sites with variable heights and water flows, that eliminate the need for large reservoirs and expensive control systems.

Vertical integration: from lamination stamping, to machining frames and brackets, to coil making and winding, and assembly and laboratory testing, all work is done at Potencia Industrial facilities. Shown here, a 2,600 kW generator during laboratory testing, and two 2,000 kW generators on shipping trailer as they leave the plant.

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