Jacarta Ltd.

- Model PZ01 - Power Sensor for Rack PDUs


PowerZook can be used to identify power failure, equipment failure, power usage, potential overload conditions, unusual power usage patterns and possible cable/wiring faults in data centre/server room racks and equipment powered through hard-wired cables up to 32A. PowerZook is a non-invasive power sensor that can be installed without system downtime and provide power readings via SNMP.

  • Non-intrusive power monitoring - No downtime needed for installation
  • Monitor basic and metered PDUs, and hard-wired cables
  • Delivers power usage information in Amps and (indicative) Watts to any management or smart cities system using SNMP.
  • Helps identify power usage, power failure, equipment failure, impending overload conditions, unusual power usage patterns
  • PoE - no power adaptor or battery maintenance required
  • Monitors 3-core (live, neutral, earth) power cables up to 32A
  • Small, light, robust
  • Maintenance-free
  • Monitoring up to 600A coming soon

PowerZook uses a unique ‘optimization’ technique to identify the optimal position for the sensor on the power cable. This process is carried out quickly and easily using a netbook or laptop. Once clamped into its final position, the PowerZook need never be moved again. Additional configuration can be carried out via a web browser interface.