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Rain Tape system



The Rain-Tape system is an irrigation system for open area, simple to install, with a very good uniformity of distribution. The system consists of a patented hydraulic inverter, whose energy, derived from hydric pressure, makes the tubes line rotating of 180°.

Hot-galvanized steel pipes, which measure 5 mt in lenght, diameter 35 mm, are connected by swift hooking brass connectors. The connecting union is made expressly for these bars and it consists of two pieces, one male the other female, which seal perfectly and if joined with a 45° rotation, the blocking is assured by a lock-key, that avoids unhooking during the rotation. Rectilinear jet nozzles are placed on the bars, on two staggered lines. They can cover uniformly an area with a maximum breadth of 14 mt and till 140 mt in lenght; with central reverser. Tubes can be placed on galvanized supports with a height (out of ground) which goes from 1,10 mt to 3 mt. The recommended distance between a support and the other one is 2,5 mt.

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